It Looks Like “SilverHawks” Might Get Rebooted

It Looks Like “SilverHawks” Might Get Rebooted

It Looks Like “SilverHawks” Might Get Rebooted

If you’re feeling the bite of nostalgia don’t feel too bad, it means you had a great childhood and can likely remember the Silverhawks when they were first popular in the 80s. It would appear that this animated series is going to be coming back and it will likely be bringing everyone and everything that we remember. Of course, the show is going to be updated since otherwise, it would be just more of the same and not nearly as worth watching. But those of us that remember the show from back in the day are likely to be excited since it’s another bit of nostalgia that’s being pushed forward. Normally I might roll my eyes and wonder why things can’t be left alone, but more and more it’s becoming obvious that nostalgia is the big thing right now, and that bringing back popular ideas from the past is what people want to see. Considering that ideas such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man, and many others are still around and are still moving forward, it’s not hard to think that other ideas will be getting a reboot as well. 

One question though, when do the Snorks and Fraggle Rock get here? That might sound like a smartass comment that doesn’t need a serious answer, but the point is that with so many popular shows from decades past making a return, it’s a wonder as to when various others will start popping up on different channels and possibly as 3D animation since Rugrats recently had this happen, and various other animated series have been updated as well. What might happen with Silverhawks isn’t certain, but the rumor is that there’s already a toy line out, so it’s fair to assume that the series will be headed back to TV eventually. Who will pick it up and how long it will stick for this time is tough to guess, but given that this series is one that’s kind of fun to think about it’s easy to get a little excited. 

The story isn’t too complex really since it’s about a specialized group of peacekeepers that are decked out in metal armor and are tasked with keeping the peace within their section of the galaxy. The group features a leader, a pilot, a pair of fraternal twins, and a math whiz that’s also a great fighter. The main villain, Mon Star, (not a clever name, but it works with kids) is essentially an intergalactic crime boss that works with a large number of other shady, possibly evil characters that help him to further his schemes. Much like any villain, Mon Star is defeated a number of times throughout the series but is still a threat since he manages to escape quite often, given that he’s the type of bad guy that always has some way out of a bad situation. But it’s not hard to see that the Silverhawks might be hyped along with the Thundercats’ eventual return since the two series aren’t that far apart in terms of story and even the realm of possibility when it comes to meeting up. That would be an insanely awesome crossover to be certain, especially since with animation there are fewer physical boundaries to worry over.

So if you’re feeling old at this point as you remember the Silverhawks and many other cartoons from the 80s, don’t feel too bad. The 80s was an awesome decade for animation, as far as story and overall experience went. Obviously looking back at it now the animation wasn’t that great since the movement of the characters’ mouths didn’t really fit the words, as was common, but being brought back into the current era would remedy that very quickly no doubt since the technology and the attention to detail would buff that kind of stuff out very quickly. Some people actually prefer that look though since it’s one more thing that reminds them of their childhood, which is typical. But when one really gets into it, entertaining kids on average doesn’t require the finest of details unless some kids happen to be very technical-minded. For the majority, the action and the storyline are bound to be good enough to give this series the allure it needs. 

One has to think that plenty of adults who were alive and growing up in the 80s will be at least a little excited to see a familiar series return since not much has been said about the Silverhawks over the years, but their influence has been felt more than once from time to time. When really looking at the premise they’re basically a futuristic law enforcement agency that’s highly specialized and tasked with protecting the galaxy from some of the worst villains imaginable. That alone is enough to entice a lot of kids to watch. 

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