Unraveling the Truth Behind ‘Escaping Polygamy’: Is It Real or Staged?

Unraveling the Truth Behind ‘Escaping Polygamy’: Is It Real or Staged?

There are reality shows that are easy to debunk, like Amish Mafia, and then there are shows like Escaping Polygamy that pull at your heartstrings and make you question their authenticity. The stories shared by the young women on the show are disturbing, and it’s hard to believe that such things still happen in this day and age. In this article, we’ll explore a few reasons why the show may or may not be real.

Is Polygamy Legal or Not?

Polygamy is illegal in the US, which could be an argument against the show’s authenticity. However, law enforcement often turns a blind eye to such practices, as we live in an era where people’s lifestyles are their choice. If even half of the stories shared by the women on the show are true, their father and his wives would likely be found guilty of polygamy. The fact that their father hasn’t been jailed yet raises questions about the show’s reality.

Would a Polygamist Family Welcome a TV Crew?

Some of the images shown on the show are shocking and could be considered abusive. The living conditions in some cases are appalling, while other shots show a seemingly well-adjusted home. It’s hard to believe that anyone would want this kind of attention and scrutiny, which makes one question the show’s reality. It’s possible that the show is more of a reenactment than an actual documentation of the women’s experiences.

Do the Girls Have Legal Rights Once They’re Adults?

Once the girls reach legal adulthood, their parents no longer have any legal claim to them, and they can leave. However, cults and organizations like the Order often try to maintain control over their members. The women on the show could potentially obtain restraining orders and find ways to protect themselves from the Order if necessary. This aspect of the show seems realistic, but skepticism remains due to the nature of reality TV.

Reality TV has a history of exaggerating and staging events for dramatic effect, which makes it difficult to trust the stories presented on shows like Escaping Polygamy. The issue isn’t whether the stories are real or not, but whether the producers have manipulated the narrative for entertainment purposes. Polygamy is still illegal and practiced discreetly by many people across the country. Those who go on TV are often seeking attention or financial gain. If Escaping Polygamy is real, it’s a powerful and important story. If it’s not, it’s a shameless exploitation of someone’s life.

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