Is The MCU Running Out of Gas?

Is The MCU Running Out of Gas?

Such a question is bound to make some folks think twice about what they want to say and whether or not they want to agree or disagree, especially since phase 4 of the MCU is still ongoing. But is there anyone out there who can, with a straight face, state that the current phase is any better than what’s already come before? Plus, the idea that many of the big names will be headed out and there will be new faces that might not be as recognized coming in is another challenge that will need to be addressed. But at the current moment, no matter how much those running the MCU are talking about one event or another, it feels as though phase 4 has more or less started a downward slide that might need to be corrected before moving forward. One big problem is that the Infinity Saga lasted so long and culminated in a way that made a lot of people wonder what could possibly top such an event later on. Plus, the loss of a few key characters throughout the movies hasn’t helped matters any. 

Are the new characters enough to keep fans happy? 

The truth is that a lot of people have been waiting to see some of the characters that are coming up now, and there’s a lot of expectation being laid on the shoulders of the actors that are coming in now, especially since many people are excited to see the likes of She-Hulk and many others make their way to the MCU. Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and many more have made a difference to the franchise, but the fact still remains that it feels as though they’ve been forced to hold back and not unleash some of their greatest abilities unless it’s absolutely called for and can’t be avoided. That leaves a person to wonder if the same is going to be done to those who are coming in at this time. 

The new stories appear to be separating from the MCU. 

Not every story is likely going to focus on the internal tale of the hero or villain that’s being highlighted, but at this time it’s fair to say that Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel did kind of do their own thing without taking too much time to include the rest of the MCU. That’s all well and good since it becomes easier to tell the individual stories that people want to hear, but while Ms. Marvel did manage to connect at least a little bit, Moon Knight was like a world unto himself as he went through his story. Telling a story that’s apart from the rest of the MCU isn’t such a bad thing really, but at one point a person would think that these characters would become integrated into the overall franchise, but in some cases, it’s hard to tell if this is going to happen. Right now it would appear that everyone is getting their own story, as they should, but that the integration process is going to come later. One major issue with this is the ability to retcon a bunch of stuff so that fanboys aren’t crying into their morning latte about what works and what doesn’t. Not that the MCU really pays much attention, but the idea of keeping at least some of the fans happy should be a priority. 

The franchise almost feels aimless at this time. 

One can have a plan and still feel that the current plan is a road to nowhere. The MCU has been planned out for a little while now apparently and there’s a whole decade worth of ideas yet to come, but as of now, it feels as though things are starting to stagnate. Maybe it’s simply the lull between one big idea and another, but there’s still the idea that there’s a giant gap that a lot of people have noticed when it comes to the franchise. It could be that people are growing far too impatient when it comes to waiting for their favorite heroes and teams to finally show up on the big or small screens, but there does appear to be an underlying current that some are feeling when it comes to the direction the MCU. Things appear to be stalling now and then. 

Is there any plan for what might come after? 

You can’t help but think that the MCU is going to need an exit strategy at some point, especially since one has to believe that eventually, the superhero phase is going to wear off a bit, at least for a little while. The continuing surge of new movies and shows that have been mapped out doesn’t feel like it has the right feel to keep things going indefinitely, and once the MCU has lost its shine there’s no doubt that people will move on. The only question is when it’s going to happen. 

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