Let’s Talk About the She-Hulk Trailer

As much as people have been waiting for this, it does feel as though a great sigh was just heaved by a lot of fans for a couple of reasons. Let’s be fair and say that She-Hulk does look like it could be a lot of fun since this is a character that a lot of people have wanted to see for a while. But there are a few things in the trailer that need to be mentioned since it already appears that she’s ready and willing to throw a bit of shade at characters due to her belief that being a superhero is just not for her. That would be all well and good, but stating that being a hero is only for those that possess certain traits feels like a bit of a backhanded slap to those that have been a part of the superhero community for a lot longer than she has. Granted, feeling offended by such a thing would be silly, and not worth the time and effort it would take. But the fact remains that this is a trend that has been happening as of late that a lot of fans don’t relish seeing.

The reason for this is that despite their place in the MCU, characters such as She-Hulk and Captain Marvel, and a few others that have decided to throw subtle or obvious shade at the superhero genre, they haven’t really earned it yet. Captain Marvel has done enough to earn her spot, but the moment she came into the MCU her arrogance made it hard for people to like her. There was no demand for Carol Danvers to be timid and obedient since her general attitude was needed for her character. But the decision to give her leave to simply act as though she was the best thing since sliced bread was off-putting in a big way since it made a lot of people feel that giving her the mantle of Captain Marvel had been a mistake since her portrayal of the hero didn’t feel so much like empowerment as it did entitlement. 

Unfortunately, the She-Hulk trailer comes off in a way that makes it feel as though Jennifer Walters is going to be given the same type of feeling. She’s already portrayed as a successful and powerful woman, which is great, but her general attitude appears to show her also being someone that isn’t used to being humble. Plus, the fact that the Hulk actually runs from her when she’s ticked off by his methods for bringing out her stronger side is kind of a bad look that a lot of fans are no doubt going to pick up on. It could be comical when watching the whole scene since it does appear to have that look to it. But it’s fair to state that the MCU fans are going to have a heyday when it comes to picking out one thing or another that they can gripe about. That’s not even mentioning the CGI yet, since it already looks as though this might be a bit of a CGI nightmare, though it’s a big hope that the show will be far better than it looks at the moment. 

A lot of folks are going to disagree, and that’s okay, especially since some of them will be those that have lambasted certain movies for the same reason, only to praise other movies in which the CGI is the same or worse. The hope for this show is that it will only get better from the start and that they need to put She-Hulk in a position where she’s going to be emasculating men for her own pleasure is going to either develop into something that can be fully enjoyed or will evolve into something else that will show her as a strong person that has desires just like anyone else. The upside of the dating scene is that a lot of the men she ends up looking at appear to be those that are either ready and willing to acknowledge her as a strong woman, or are morons that will end up being one and done flings. Of course, that already kind of gives fans a reason to roll their eyes and wonder just how far this will go since even in the comics, She-Hulk is known for sleeping around.

Hopefully, that will be played out in a way that will be comical and easy to have fun with, but at the moment it’s kind of hard to see this being anything but another talking point that people will end up bringing up over and over until the show’s premiere on Disney+. It does appear that Bruce Banner will have a hand in helping his cousin get used to her power, and it also appears that the Abomination and Titania will be a part of the show for at least an episode, if not more. 


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