The Irwin Family’s Triumphant Return to Animal Planet and Beyond

The Irwin Family’s Triumphant Return to Animal Planet and Beyond

A New Chapter for the Irwin Family

In October, the world received the exciting news that the beloved Irwin family would be making a grand return to Animal Planet. However, their roles won’t be limited to just making appearances in various animal-themed TV shows. Instead, they will have a significant role in the development and production of new TV shows not only on Animal Planet but also on other channels under the Discovery Communications umbrella. Combined with the fact that the Irwin family will be serving as ambassadors for the entirety of Discovery Communications, this is a fitting choice, considering Terri Irwin and her children have been continuing Steve Irwin’s legacy since his tragic death in 2006.

Revisiting the Irwin Legacy

For those who may not remember Steve Irwin, he was an Australian zookeeper who rose to fame as a successful TV personality. He became famous for a TV show called The Crocodile Hunter with his wife Terri, earning him the nickname that many still remember him by. The success of that TV show led to a number of other successful TV shows hosted by the couple, which in turn, provided their conservation efforts with a significant boost. Notably, the couple owned and operated the Australia Zoo in Queensland, which played a crucial role in their efforts to share their love of animals with the world.

Tragically, Steve was killed in 2006 while filming a stingray during a snorkeling expedition. The stingray, spooked by his presence, struck him in the chest with the barb on its tail, piercing his heart. Steve bled to death before he could be taken to a hospital on the Low Isles.

The Irwin Family’s Expertise and Experience

It’s important to note that the Irwin family possesses an abundance of expertise and experience that can be applied to their new roles within Discovery Communications. Terri has been co-hosting TV shows since the beginning, making her a veteran when it comes to the TV screen. Likewise, both of the couple’s children, Bindi and Robert, have hosted TV shows for Discovery Communications despite their young ages of 19 and 14, in addition to their appearances on other TV shows. For instance, Bindi was one of the competitors on Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars, where she emerged as the season’s victor.

A Sound Choice for Discovery Communications

It’s clear that Discovery Communications’ choice of the Irwin family to serve as its ambassadors is a sound one based on their previous experiences, especially considering the long-standing relationship between them. As a result, one can only hope that the Irwin family will use their new positions, as well as their ongoing efforts, to continue supporting conservationism and environmentalism not just in Australia but throughout the world. Their triumphant return to Animal Planet and beyond is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the cause and the enduring legacy of Steve Irwin.

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