Could “An Interview with God” Turn Brenton Thwaites into a Star?

Could “An Interview with God” Turn Brenton Thwaites into a Star?

It’s possible that Brenton Thwaites could be looking at major stardom eventually, especially considering that he’s technically already a star and has proven that a couple of times. The only problem is that his biggest roles have come in two of the biggest box office flops within the last several years. His time spent in Gods of Egypt, which was horribly whitewashed, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, was not wasted, but his role in both movies was kind of regrettable since both were kind of terrible. In this new film coming up however, An Interview with God, it could be possible that he’ll once again flirt with real greatness and not just do his best to get through a hastily-developed movie.

This could be something that elevates him to another level.

This movie is more than just another attempt to bring the divine and its many ethical and moral quandaries to the big screen. This is a serious attempt at something that could possibly make Brenton’s career take a serious leap into the stratosphere and give him more credit than he’s attained throughout everything he’s done so far. There have been many theological films to date that have rolled through Hollywood and many of them have gone by the wayside simply because they’ve been dismissed as half-baked ideas that either don’t have enough merit or are sheer entertainment for the sake of it. But this seems like something that could very well change the landscape yet again when it comes to theological debate and it’s role in cinema. Brenton is fortunate to have been selected for this film since he is one of those talented young actors that needs this in order to push forward and really do something with his career.

Many theological films tend to go one way or another.

What that means is that they get turned into something comical or something so over the top that they just fail to inspire anyone the way they’re supposed to. This film from the offset seems like it’s going to be nothing but dramatic and will incorporate the main character’s life spent in the military and whatever happened that made him question his faith and himself. Unfortunately this could work against the film with the thought that it could very well inspire some people but could alienate others. There’s a small chance that people could judge it based on this but there is still a chance since it won’t be the first film to deal with a crisis of faith or the idea that a person needs saving without knowing just how to go about it. Films like this need to take a truly original direction so as to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and thereby tanking before they ever get the chance to do much of anything on the big screen.

Whether it tanks or takes off it could still make him a star.

The two films mentioned at the start of this article still managed to get Brenton noticed but at the same time they had the very real chance of dragging him down since they weren’t all that great. But thankfully the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has a very loyal fan base that forgives a great deal, while Gods of Egypt has become more of a morbid curiosity than anything. If this film takes off the way its creators want it to then it’s very possible that Brenton’s performance, which seems genuine and very well put-together, could make him into the type of actor that might be able to write his own ticket so to speak when it comes to his career. There are many actors that enjoy this exclusive and elusive ideal but honestly and truthfully it tends to be those that have proven beyond the shadow of doubt that they are worth the effort and worth the paycheck that comes with it.

As of right now Brenton has a fan base and he has something to build upon but he still needs the added exposure and the continuing recognition and fame to really get him anywhere. Thinking ahead to what might come of this movie it’s important to keep in mind that while he’s been seen to be good at what he does he’s still not entirely proven in what could be an epic or at least well-rounded movie that doesn’t feature anything too out of whack. While this film isn’t nearly on the same level as the Pirates movie or the Gods movie it certainly has an aspect of something that is not quite supernatural but is still theological in nature. If Brenton can make this role work and the film is able to capture the attention of the people then it may well make his career into something rather special.

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