Infinity War’s Thanos and Gamora Get a Logan-Style Fan Trailer

The fan that made this trailer definitely tried for a mashup between Thanos and Gamorra from the upcoming Infinity War, but unfortunately the Logan-esque feeling kind of fell flat. It’s not the fans fault because quite honestly there’s not enough footage to pull from really to show Gamorra and Thanos and what they really mean to each other. You’d have to go to the comics for that, where their relationship has been very well detailed. After all, Thanos is Gamorra’s adopted father. She’s the product of his genetic tampering and strict and borderline psychotic upbringing in a way, though somehow she managed to turn out different than the mad titan.

There was even a time when, even if it’s not canon, Gamorra tried to go off on her own while Thanos was out, thinking that her training and her skills were enough to keep her safe. A band of toughs managed to overwhelm her however and had their way with her, wounding Gamorra in such a way that she was broken and might have died if not for Thanos. He managed to rescue her by killing her assailants, but was still able to scold her as he took her back to his lab. There he rebuilt her, replacing the broken parts that would no longer work and upgrading her in a way that was still very humanoid and natural in appearance but had made her into something far deadlier than she’d originally been. Thanos is directly responsible for how extremely tough Gamorra is, and in some ways he’s responsible for her cynicism as well. Just think about living with a man that wants to wipe out half of the galaxy and then think about how it would affect a young girl growing up.

It will be extremely interesting to see just how Gamorra fits into the fight against Thanos when the Avengers: Infinity War comes out since it seems as though she might not be willing to take up arms against her benefactor. It also doesn’t seem like she’d gladly fight the Guardians or the Avengers either, which leaves her in a bit of pickle since she’s a deadly adversary for either side. But honestly it seems like she will make a choice one way or another, and since there’s another Guardians movie scheduled to be made it could be that makes the hardest choice and stands against her father. She could do plenty of fighting without ever having to raise a hand against Thanos, as there will be those Avengers in the film that will be kept away from the mad titan simply because he could kill them without much effort.

But Gamorra and Thanos, as much as they know each other, is still not a great fight. In the comics she’s managed to hit him a few times but his power is so much greater than what she possesses that even Gamorra has admitted that she can’t beat her father. It’s going to be an agonizing wait to see what happens, especially since this movie is going to be packed with big names and action that hopefully lasts all the way through.

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