Including the X-Men in the MCU Is Not That Difficult

Including the X-Men in the MCU Is Not That Difficult
Including the X-Men in the MCU Is Not That Difficult

credit: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Including the X-Men in the MCU is not that difficult, despite all reports. It’s even stated that their arrival to the franchise is akin to that of the Eternals, who were given a pass since they weren’t supposed to interfere with humans. Everyone saw how that one went. 

The X-Men have another reason for not interacting with humans, though. The fact is that mutants in the Marvel Universe have rarely found acceptance unless they can dampen their need to use their powers. Some have no choice since their mutation is highly visible, but many can move throughout humanity undetected. 

It is true that thinking that they’ve existed all this time in the MCU would come off as troubling. It would mean that they didn’t feel like sharing in the heroics during Infinity War and Endgame. While it’s true that Professor X did show up in the Doctor Strange sequel, he remains an outlier 

Using Namor as an example of how mutants could have hidden away is a sound idea. Another good idea is to form the team now and make them a bit younger. But then that begs the question: who will the original team be now? Many fans know who made up the original team. But that’s less than important now. 

Including the X-Men in the MCU Is Not That Difficult

credit: Wakanda Forever

There are certain characters that fans want to see in the X-Men

Wolverine is on a lot of peoples’ minds, as are Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, and several others. It does sound as though the MCU wants to incorporate lesser-known characters as well. If the general idea is to take things slow, it’s wise to think about a broader roster. 

The X-Men have seen members come and go over the years. They’ve split and formed X-Factor and X-Force, and several individuals have gone out on their own. Much like the Avengers, this group tends to look out for their own quite often. The difference is that they seek to help humanity as well. 

One thing to remember about the X-Men is that regardless of color, culture, or religion, they are a persecuted species. Some are more accepted than others, but many of them are considered dangerous. Even suspicion is often enough in the comics to pin a person as a mutant. 

An accurate comic book transition won’t happen

The movies that have come already haven’t shown a perfect representation of the X-Men. From physical characteristics to how the team was formed, the X-Men movies are extremely short on accuracy. Fans have grown used to this, but it does stand to reason that the MCU should try to bring the X-Men forward using some sense of accuracy. The rumor that Magneto won’t show up as the big bad is a mistake waiting to happen. 

It’s true that he’s existed as a main antagonist of the group. But it could help to bring the team into the MCU with a legitimate threat. Better still, the master of magnetism could help to create a crossover movie that shows the Avengers and X-Men squaring off. This is the type of story that eclipses civil war if done right. 

Including the X-Men in the MCU Is Not That Difficult

credit: Marvel Comics

Forming the team in this era could work

The understanding is that a fan favorite, Wolverine, would have laid low for many decades. But forming the team could possibly bring them into the coming events that are set to happen. Plus, using younger actors to form the team would help to create a lasting idea that could stick around for a few years. 

Pushing the idea to introduce the team slowly, a bit at a time, is a torturous line of thinking for a lot of fans. But it does sound reasonable and as though it would work the best. How to explain the various mutations that create these individuals would not take that much imagination since Namor has already been introduced. This means that there are forces in the world at work that create homo superior.

Now, all that needs doing is to explain how mutants have taken to hiding in plain sight in order to avoid persecution. After all, no one knew about Namor or Ms. Marvel before they were revealed, apparently. 

The team could exist somewhere in the multiverse

This idea would work, but it feels like an easy solution that doesn’t require a great deal of work or imagination. Stating that the X-Men came from an alternate earth would raise a multitude of questions that would only make things more difficult. 

If anything, this should exist as Plan B, just in case other ideas don’t pan out. This is a lot of conjecture since it’s easy to think that the MCU already has a plan in place. How it will go is anyone’s guess. But one thing feels certain; they’re overthinking the issue. 

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