Appreciating the Impressive TV and Film Career of Vanessa Ferlito

You’ve probably seen Vanessa Ferlito somewhere but have to think about it for a moment. Then it comes to you and you might wonder how you forgot her at all. She’s the kind of actress that stands out whenever she’s in a scene and just tends to take it over, even from some of the biggest names in the industry. She’s had a successful TV and movie career at this point but she’s been far more prevalent in TV despite having been in more movies in her career. Wherever she goes she seems to dominate the screen due to her very impressive and big personality, which is a boon for whatever production she’s in and makes her fellow actors step up to the plate a little more often. A lot of times it seems like’s being typecast as a certain character but if you watch her performance she makes it all her own and creates something a little different each time. For the most part she does get cast into the same kind of role each time but people don’t seem to care. Her acting is good enough that she can layer each character just differently enough that they come off as their own individual person and don’t seem to overlap too much with anything else she’s done before.

Here are a few of the roles she’s taken on that will show you just how great she can be.

5. 24- Claudia Hernandez

She had a very small guest role on this show it would seem since it’s hard to find her in the credits, though it is listed on her filmography. Appearing on this show however could have been possible for a lot of people when it came to being an extra. But if you look a little deeper you’ll find that Claudia had an affair with Jack Bauer and was quite involved with him for a while. Unfortunately when it all came down to Claudie and Chase trying to escape she was shot inadvertently in the head, ending her part in the story.

4. The Sopranos – Tina Francesco

To say that Tina wasn’t a smart person wouldn’t be fair, but to say that she talked too much and took too much for granted was something that seemed at least kind of accurate. She wasn’t all that bright when it came to talking about the things she did and who she flirted with, as this seems like it might have been a big reason why her character was eventually written out of the show. Her forthright personality and her ability to take on the characteristics of her role made this a character that seemed destined for the chop at one point no matter what happened. But then on this show anyone’s number could have been up at any time.

3. Stand Up Guys – Sylvia

When two aged wiseguys find a woman naked and scared to death in a trunk what do you think would happen? Well in this case they asked where the guys that had done this were, went and messed them up, and then let Sylvia tee off on them shortly before the cops could arrive. Say what you want about older gangsters, but they seem to know how to treat women right in the movies. Granted when they were younger that probably wasn’t the case, but age seems to bring a few things to mind that weren’t as evident in one’s youth, and one of those is that a lady is to be treated with respect, always.

2. Man of the House – Heather

She was actually given the biggest kudos for this movie out of anyone since she happened to be the person among the entire cast that seemed to have the most to do and stood out more than anyone else. The movie itself wasn’t given much thought but it was funny in some spots all the same. Protecting a bunch of stuck up young women that didn’t think they needed protection wouldn’t be an ideal job for any law enforcement agent, but for one like Tommy Lee Jones it seemed particularly troubling.

1. Death Proof – Arlene

Arlene was kind of a role that was better off terminated since she wasn’t really going anywhere, just like the rest of the women that left that bar. She could have had another purpose in the film but it’s kind of hard to see after her face was literally rubbed off by a spinning tire. The moment those headlights came on you had only a split second to realize that everyone in that car wasn’t making it to the next act, which was the point after all. But still, having your face ripped off by a tire going full tilt has to be one of the more unique deaths in any movie. And did anyone notice the Wilhelm Scream in this clip?

Hopefully we keep seeing her in other productions because quite honestly she’s fun to watch.

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