If Michael Keaton is Coming Back, Let’s Bring Back Michelle Pfeiffer

If Michael Keaton is Coming Back, Let’s Bring Back Michelle Pfeiffer

The idea that one can’t have Michael Keaton as Batman without having Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman appears to be gaining steam online but whether or not it’s going to influence the movie-making that will bring Keaton back into the mix has yet to be seen. Pfeiffer has said that she’s up to play the role again and since this version of Batman could very well be just one of many it’s not entirely difficult to say that it could work, but it’s very easy to say that fans are easily riled when they hear what they want. One has to wonder if anyone is going to be calling for Danny DeVito to come back, or by some dint of movie magic for Jack Nicholson to come back, since it would be about as sensible considering that they were iconic Batman villains as well. But the idea is that Catwoman will be the only individual that people will want to see again, and Michelle will be the only person that they’re willing to watch since to many she played the role so perfectly that there’s simply no substitute, as Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway obviously didn’t come close and there would be no threat of her taking over Zoe Kravitz’s role considering that the two movies would be in different parts of the DC multiverse. Is anyone’s head starting to spin when thinking of the different universes that are being proposed over and over, or is it just me?

Bringing back Pfeiffer as Catwoman/Selina Kyle would be an interesting idea to put it lightly since out of all those featured in the last three decades she’s been the most popular and the most well-respected actress that’s taken up the role. Her costume looks a little crazy but a lot of people like it and her acting was felt to be on par with the character. Whether or not those that are courting Keaton for a return are up for doing the same with Pfeiffer though is kind of hard to say since this feels like more public opinion than anything at this point. The thing with public opinion and what the fans want is that it can change in a heartbeat, as many filmmakers already know, and people could be stating that Pfeiffer might not be the right person for the role. That doesn’t feel likely but it’s always a possibility in some universe. Some are even calling for Selina and Bruce to be married in this reality and for those that are down to see it happen it would probably be a dream come true since Catwoman and Batman have been dancing around one another for quite some time in the comics and even on the big screen. As a villain she’s been seen to be awfully helpful in the past, but as a kind of anti-hero she’s definitely the type of character that many people have come to respect for the simple fact that she’s not entirely psychotic or even half-crazed, but is more of an opportunist that picks her spots and seeks to take the most advantageous route towards her goals.

Bringing Pfeiffer back would be entirely possible since she’s ready to go, but thinking that she’d be a main character is kind of unlikely since even Keaton doesn’t sound like he’ll be a main character as people keep saying that he’ll be like Nick Fury in the MCU, the guy that’s just there all the time and is basically a gimmick to use so that the heroes and villains have that wiser, elder statesman to rely on when they need him and to tell them that they’re doing this or that wrong or right. That’s a big part of what Fury does for the MCU after all, he’s the presence that gets to show up at the most opportune times, for him, to inform the other characters of what’s going on, but isn’t particularly powerful in his own right, unless one can count the amount of armament he’s able to call to hand at most moments. If that’s how he’s being compared to Fury then yes, Batman is pretty much in a capable spot of being like Nick Fury, but with decidedly less attitude. One might want to ask then if Pfeiffer would be like his Black Widow, always on hand when needed, or if she’s even worth comparing to anyone else right now since there’s no idea if she’s going to get the call or not.

Out of the many different desires that fans have when it comes to the movies this one doesn’t feel too likely to happen, but if I’m wrong then we’ll be talking about it more and more in the days to come. As of now though it feels more like a fan’s fantasy than anything.

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