For the Love of God Please Don’t Make a Die Hard 6

It feels at least a little wrong to say that a movie shouldn’t be made, but in this case, it does feel like it would be a mercy to the fans and to the franchise that’s being considered for another go installment since Die Hard really hasn’t been that great for a while. Some are bound to argue of course that there’s been plenty of action and story, but while there has been a lot of action, that’s fairly ridiculous given that John McClane is a detective, not a weapon specialist or a Navy SEAL, it’s a little ludicrous to see how he’s survived for so long just by being a tough as nails New Yorker. Taking down a group of terrorists that turned out to be thieves who didn’t know who they were messing with was one thing, but the moment that McClane started taking on trained military personnel should have been the moment when a lot of fans could be heard saying ‘Oh come on’. It’s not too hard to turn off your brain to watch the Die Hard movies and just enjoy it and to each their own for those that do. But coming out with a third, fourth, and the fifth movie pushed this franchise to extremes that it wasn’t meant for, and continuing to push is beyond ludicrous since McClane is an old man now and has no business taking on the same kind of villains that should by all rights be able to retire him instantly and with extreme prejudice.

It does sound as though the future of this movie is uncertain at this time since it appears as though it might be plagued by a great number of rumors that Bruce Willis won’t be a big presence in the movie, which would be even more ridiculous since the movie kind of relies on McClane to be around. But another rumor is that it will focus on John McClane in his early days as a beat cop, which is still enough to make a person shake their head since the idea is that somehow, Willis would still have a big role in the movie, but a younger actor would be taking over as the younger version of the character. Is anyone else rolling their eyes right about now? There are some folks that are excited for this movie to get underway, while there are others still wondering why it would even be a discussion since the last movies weren’t that great. It does feel as though a lot of older actors are feeling content enough in their careers to keep driving their best characters into the ground in a big way since there have been plenty of action movies that have continued to cheapen characters that people have loved for years on end now. Be it Rambo, the Terminator, or John McClane, the evidence that these actors are fully ready to drive their legacies into the ground has been shown again and again.

Not only that, but it speaks to the lack of creativity by the writers that are coming up with this material since to be fair, Die Hard might as well be a comic book movie at this point since the utter lack of realism that seeks to reconnect with the real world now and again is kind of ridiculous when compared to the first movie, which was still over the top but at least had the benefit of being made with entirely practical effects and not the garbage CGI that’s been used recently. Granted, it’s made for a few action scenes that have been insane and that people have enjoyed, but in the spirit of the original movie, this is a bit of nonsense that’s been allowed to go on for way too long. Granted, my voice is only one among the many that might want to see this movie happen, but I’m not the only one that might be looking at this headline and wondering just when and where Hollywood lost their ever-loving minds when it came to sequels. One could say that it came sometime within the past four decades, but it feels as though it’s still a fairly new development since the ludicrous nature of sequels has only increased in the past years. While some sequels are actually well done and thought out and offer new ideas that aren’t so out of control that they make sense in relation to the main story, Die Hard has only been getting bigger and more out of control without any real link between the movies other than the main character.

The request at this time would be to not make this movie, and it wouldn’t be just me making such a request, but it does sound as though it might be on the way at some point.

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