Ian McShane Reveals Game of Thrones Plot and Doesn’t Seem to Care

When it comes to spoilers it’s a mixed bag for audiences.  Some people don’t care but some are extremely serious about finding out only what they need to, not what they shouldn’t before a show begins to air.  Looks like Ian McShane broke a few cardinal rules when it comes to a show’s reveal. Despite the efforts of HBO to prevent plot leaks of the upcoming sixth season by discontinuing the distribution of advance media screeners, McShane may have said a bit too much. According to Cleveland.com

Guest actor Ian McShane (Deadwood), who will appear in one episode of Season 6, was discussing his character in a recent interview with The Telegraph. Of course, ‘Thrones’ fans are up in arms about the slip, and to avoid adding fuel to the fire, I’ll tiptoe around McShane’s quote and say that he plays a priest who revives a character believed to be dead. In Season 3, we were introduced to a character with the ability to resurrect, although McShane is portraying a different character. “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think, get a f***ing life. It’s only t*** and dragons.”

I have a strong suspicion that McShane is not in the good graces of many GOT fans right now.  The rough around the edges actor is just being who he is.  But frankly his statement about the show really just being about dragons and naked ladies is not sitting well with many folks who adore the show.  I’m sure that the producers of Game of Thrones aren’t too fond of his comments either.

So far we haven’t heard anything from the networks in response.  I’m kind of siding with McShane here.  He didn’t give away the entire show.  It’s not like anyone’s even seen it.  He’s not saying who dies.  He’s not saying much really.  And in fear that people will get ridiculously angry at us, we’re not sharing the exact plot points that McShane shared here.  So don’t worry.

But the message is this.  Relax.  Stay off the computer if you must.  If you can’t then things are gonna pop up.  Deal with it.

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