Unveiling the Enigmatic Ian Anthony Dale: 10 Intriguing Facts

Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale, the American actor best known for his role as Adam Noshimuri in Hawaii 5-0, has also starred in popular shows like Charmed, 24, and The Mentalist. Let’s dive into ten fascinating facts about this enigmatic actor that you might not know.

1. A Rich Cultural Heritage: Japanese, French, and English Descent

Born to a Japanese mother and a father of English and French descent, Ian Anthony Dale proudly identifies as an Asian-American. He has not only embraced his diverse ancestry but has also played a significant role in raising the profile of Asian-American actors in the entertainment industry.

2. A Father Who Skated His Way to the Olympics

Ian’s father was a member of the national Ice Hockey team that competed in the 1968 Winter Olympics and also played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Growing up, sports played a major role in Ian’s life, with dreams of playing professional baseball before an injury led him to pursue acting instead.

3. Minnesota Roots Run Deep

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ian has a close-knit family, including three half-brothers and a sister. Although he no longer resides in his home state, he makes it a point to visit his parents every Thanksgiving, cherishing the time spent with his family.

4. From Carpenter to Actor: A Journey in LA

When Ian first moved to LA to advance his acting career, he worked as a carpenter to make ends meet. Much of his carpentry work took place on film and TV sets, giving him a deep appreciation for the importance of every crew member in the production process. According to MSP Mag, his carpentry earnings even paid for his acting lessons.

5. A Small Role with a Big Impact: Fastlane

Ian’s first TV role was in the show Fastlane, where he played Jackson Yu in the 2002 episode Mighty Blue. Although it was a small part, it marked an important first step in his career, leading to appearances in other shows like Angel and JAG, and eventually a recurring role as Avatar Gamma in Charmed.

6. The Detective’s Hat Fits Perfectly

Ian has portrayed detectives on several occasions, and he told Twin Cities that he always consults his brother Robert, a Homicide division officer in Minneapolis, to ensure the authenticity of his performances. This also serves as a great excuse to catch up with his brother, as they don’t always get to spend much time together.

7. Lending His Voice to the Gaming World

Ian has provided voice work for three video games, including Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield Hardline, and Call of Duty. Although he hasn’t done any voice work for games since 2015, it’s likely due to his busy acting schedule and focus on his primary passion.

8. A Beautiful Family with Nicole Garippo

Ian married fashion designer Nicole Garippo in 2016, and they have since welcomed a son, Roman, and a daughter. The family often shares glimpses of their happy life together through Nicole’s Instagram account.

9. Hawaii: A Home Away from Home

Ian revealed to Hiluxury magazine that Hawaii feels like home to him and his family, especially his son. While filming Hawaii 5-0, they rent a home on the island and cherish the time spent together on the beach after a long day of shooting. Ian feels incredibly fortunate to work in such a beautiful place.

10. Stepping Behind the Camera: Directing Hawaii 5-0

Ian made his directorial debut in the tenth season of Hawaii 5-0, marking a new milestone in his career after nearly two decades in front of the camera. The familiar environment and supportive cast and crew made the transition smoother, and he expressed his gratitude for their encouragement on social media.

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