Hugh Jackman Teases Appearance in Fake Dundee Movie

Though writer and lead man Paul Hogan in the original Crocodile Dundee movie is now an advanced 78 years old, there is still a fan base that wants to see the character revived in 2018. Recently there was an appearance of what appeared to be Hugh Jackman in an original Crocodile Dundee vest, hinting that the remake of the franchise was indeed under way with Jackman starring as the original Dundee’s son. Further investigation revealed that unfortunately, the clip was only a teaser for an upcoming Super Bowl ad that wants people to visit the land down under.

For Dundee fans, it might as well be called The Land That Time Forgot. Hogan has no interest in getting involved in a revival project, and it’s not certain it would generate sufficient interest by today’s viewing audience to generate even break even revenues at the box office. Either fans are delusional, thinking every time they see a man who looks like Hogan from Australia it is time to line up for tickets, or that the possible star power actors of the film have little or no interest in doing it. In either case, using Crocodile Dundee’s image as a way to draw viewers borders on unprofessional conduct.

To be direct, the major players who are capable of putting a sequel together need to make clear that nothing is going to come of the demand fans have for another adventure with The Crock. Jackman seems like a quality candidate for the role, but when he teases followers of Dundee and himself, it seems that they are profiting by mocking the franchise’s fans. There used to be (or may still be) a website promoting a new movie, but when people started poking round they found that there was no movement on the production of the movie. In the end it appears that the website, like the recent video clip, was all a tease.

So the question to be asked is why. Why does Jackman and others persist in offering up the idea that another Crocodile Dundee movie is in the works? Why not kill the idea once and for all and allow the fans to move on? There is not an acceptable answer to the question. Jackman will continue to make movies, and the image of Crocodile Dundee will continue to provide a familiar icon for American and others to identify Australia with. It’s sad to say but must be said at this point, that it is all about the money.

To make matters worse, established Australian stars Russell Crowe and Margot Robbie’s names have been bandied about as appearing in a new Dundee film, something that would make a lot of sense. Robbie would be perfect as a love interest, and Crowe’s breadth of talent could be used in many ways to provide the glue necessary to connect old and new. There are rumors of a secret project being kept under wraps until the right time for the announcement that Crocodile Dundee is back, but given the limelight Robbie has been given for I, Tonya it is very unlikely she could just drop off the planet to do filming for the sequel (or prequel).

That only leaves the issue of what to expect in the future. Based on all the previous and current evidence, the thought that most often comes to mind is — forget it. Why should fans go through the ups and downs of all this self-promotion for Australia when the country’s most familiar and marketable face is used to attract tourists who, in another dozen years or so, will be asking “Who is Crocodile Dundee and why is he important?

The short answer is, he once was, but ain’t no more.

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