How Will A Mortal Kombat Cinematic Universe Work?

With theaters slowly reopening and April approaching, the new Mortal Kombat movie will explode. If you have HBO Max, then you can watch it when you get home after the theater. I mean, come on, it’s Mortal Kombat for goodness sakes. Now it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Mortal Kombat movie (let’s not talk about Annihilation) and the closest thing we’ve got for a live-action version is the web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy. If you’ve never watched it, check it out. You might be unimpressed with the CGI, but the actors are great and the action is awesome. There were two seasons and ended with Liu Kang (who was fighting for Shang Tsung), about to fight Kung Lao. They were also played by Brian Tee and Mark Dacascos. How freaking awesome is that?

The problem with the series is that there was no outcome for that fight. I mean, it never took place. That was disappointing, and I lost hope that any live-action Mortal Kombat would be stuck in limbo. This movie is something we gamers can all be excited about, despite the fact that most video game movies are bad. This movie can break the formula, but then again, I’ve had that feeling about certain video game movies before. Like the 2016 Assassin’s Creed movie…

Yeah, I can be a bit overly optimistic, but it’s better than being a pessimist all the time. In this case, I’m very confident this upcoming Mortal Kombat movie will kick serious butt, both literally and figuratively. Maybe I’m talking more like a fan, but after watching that trailer, I’m all in. The action looks phenomenal, the actors look like they all fit the part, and the score, holy moly, that score. I just hope they add in the original score from the 1995 movie. That’s one ingredient this movie needs to be a perfect recipe.

Now let’s just jump on the fanboy train and say that this movie will kill it. If it is immensely successful, could we be looking at a trilogy? Well, the director and the producers of the film said that if it is a hit, it could lead to a cinematic universe. Could it work? Heck yes, it can.

The universe of Mortal Kombat is huge. Like, very huge. When Raiden talks about all the realms, there are many to explore and many combatants that hail from them. Let’s look at the premise of this upcoming movie. It pretty much covers the events of the first game, much like the 1995 movie. It’s a good start, even thought we’ve seen that story retold several times. But you know what? I don’t mind, because it’s a darn good story and it’s the one that got the franchise started. It’s a tournament of highly skilled martial artist, ninjas, assassins, Shaolin monks, and grotesque creatures. How can that possibly get old?

Well, this new movie seems to be changing things up a bit, adding a possibly new character names Cole Young and making Sub-Zero the central antagonist. I’m open to new ideas, so I’ll have to wait until April 16 to see if they actually work. If not…. well, at least I can go back to the 1995 movie.

So assuming this upcoming movie ends the same way the first game did, with the heroes of Earthrealm defeating Shang Tsung and Goro, guess who they’ll be fighting next? The emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. I’m guessing the premise of the sequel will be the heroes fighting Shao Kahn and his minions in Outworld itself and in the end, we’ll see someone fight Shao Kahn. Now that will be an awesome fight. All sounds fun, but let’s say that film is successful, so what happens next?

We’ll get the third film that either covers the Deadly Alliance or the return of Shinnok, the fallen Elder God. Speaking of which, is Quan Chi even going to be in the movie? Either way, I’m game for any idea they have, but if they want to really spice things up, they’ll have to make some changes. For example, including newcomer Cole Young is a good start, but they can do better.

Just look at what they’ve done with the recent videogames. There are new characters and the story has taken a new direction that we can’t really predict. I mean, the whole story of Mortal Kombat has been rewritten and molded into something even more insane than the original story. Pretty much all the characters have been killed, then resurrected, then killed again, and then brought back to life again. Their stories have been retold several times and they usually all end in them dying. It’s a sad, violent universe, but we didn’t get turned on by Mortal Kombat because they held back all these years.

The point is, if we do get a Mortal Kombat Cinematic universe, I think they should not hold back on anything. Go all out on the things that made us love the gaming franchise so much. In fact, Todd Gardner, one of the producers of the film, recently revealed that they took inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s a wise move, considering how successful the MCU has become over the years, but we should also realize that Marvel isn’t in the same realm as Mortal Kombat. I mean, that’s needless to say, one is family-friendly and the other one isn’t. However, Mortal Kombat doesn’t have to follow the same formula that the MCU uses.

So Mortal Kombat can’t just give all the characters solo films like Marvel did. Todd Gardner knows that, but he also understands how the fans respond. His idea: the characters that fans like playing as the most, are the characters they’ll include in the movies. Yes, they can take a chance with adding some new characters. The games do it and even though they don’t always land, it’s smart to add new additions to the roster.

If we get a cinematic universe centered around Mortal Kombat, we just need films that stay true to the lore and do the characters some justice. And if it finds huge success, we could get some possible spin-offs. Add in some animated movies or shows that connect to the universe or give us a dlc for the next game that continues the story. No matter what they do, I’m just happy to see some bloody Mortal Kombat action.

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