How to Find the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village

How to Find the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village

How do you find the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village? Resident Evil Village has been out for a couple of weeks now and I’m not sure if the game is actually hard or if I’m just stupid, but I still can’t beat the game. It’s taken me so long to get through what seems like what should have been incredibly simple tasks (like checking my inventory for a Key Item that I needed to progress through the story), but for some reason I just never got it. One thing that I did eventually get was how to find the four angel masks hidden in the castle. With the help of Jeffrey Parkin and a little bit of intuition, I was finally able to find the masks and move on with my life, and by move on with my life I absolutely mean writing about how you can find these masks yourself! So, how do you go about finding the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village?

Using the Flower Sword Ball

Okay, so you’ve got the Mask of Joy and have now head back to the Merchant’s Room to save your game. Remember that Flower Sword Ball that you picked up earlier? Do you also happen to remember the castle model that you’ve seen time and time again in the Merchant’s Room, but never knew what to do with it? Well, now that you’ve got the Flower Sword Ball you can finally do something with that castle model! Plop the Flower Sword Ball into the castle model and tilt the castle so that the ball rolls on the path and reaches the lit up center. There’s a couple of holes that you’ll need to avoid at the same time, so be sure not to let the ball fall into these holes or you’ll have to start from the beginning. If you manage to get the ball to reach the end of the maze, you will be rewarded with a crimson skull that you can sell to Duke, the Merchant, for 8,000 lei.

Bells are Ringing

After you’ve finished that seemingly pointless puzzle and collected your prize, exit the Merchant’s Room and head back through the Main Hall and go upstairs into the Hall of Joy; you’ll then go through the door on the left hand side of the room into the Atelier. You’ll need to head over to the incredibly large portrait of Lady Dimitrescu in the middle of the room to find a clue that reads: “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” The first bell that you’ll need to ring is on top of the cabinet on the right, the second is next to the stairs on the left, the third on top of the chandelier in the middle of the room, the fourth bell outside of the window, and the fifth and final bell is on a swinging pendulum on the left wall. You’ll need to shoot these bells to ring them (shoot the chandelier first to allow it to start swinging and then shoot it again to ring the bell), and then Dimitrescu’s Portrait will open up, revealing a new path.

Along Came a Sniper

Follow the path all the way to the end – there’s some collectibles hidden throughout, but we’re just going to skip those right now (if you want to collect those, you can read about it here). At the end of the path, you’ll find the F2 Rifle which will allow you to take out some of the flying vampires with a bit more ease and precision. I just sort of followed the trail of enemies to find a roof that I could climb all the way up.

From the Rooftops

Eventually, as long as you pretty much keep going straight, you’ll come across a zipline that will take you through to the Tower of Rage. There will be a ladder that you need to kick free that will lead back down to the Rooftops. You’ll notice a statue not unlike the one holding the Mask of Joy; walk towards this statue and grab the Mask of Rage. Climbing the ladder will take you back to the elevator that will take you to the mechanical room attached to the Entrance Hall (so that’s what that was!) Again, you’ll run into Tall Lady, but she’s relatively easy to maneuver around this time, so you should have little to no issues doing so. Once you get back to the Hall of the Four, place the Mask of Rage on the rightmost angel statue and head back to the Merchant’s Room to save your game!

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