How to Drink Recreates Mudder’s Milk from Firefly

Okay, as Eddie Vedder impressions go that was….horrible. Thankfully though we’re not here for impressions, but to learn how to make a drink. This time we’re here to learn how to make Mudder’s Milk from the popular show Firefly. The drink itself is something that, from the description on the show, is basically a meal unto itself and is something that could be described as a common staple of those that are accustomed to something that gives them a nice buzz and fills them up largely because there’s not enough around to fill them otherwise. Ever had a drink that’s filled your belly and made it warm at the same time while not giving that sick feeling that says it’s about to come back up? They’re rare depending on who one talks to, but this one sounds as though it might be the kind of thing that it might be something that the mudders of Canton would look at and praise as one of the things that makes life worth living. To anyone else it might look like a thick mug of trouble and possible headaches to come, but to a mudder, it might actually be one of the few things they look forward to at the end of the day. And yes, it has nothing to do with ‘mother’s milk’, as a lot of Firefly fans might be able to tell you from the get-go.

Watching this drink being made isn’t too horrible but listening to the cheerful and supposedly witty description is kind of…meh. Looking at the thing though it does appear that it would be thick, frothy, and yes, very much like a milkshake since it does have the appearance of thickness to it that’s kind of disturbing in a way but also slightly enticing to those that like to have a ‘full’ drink that won’t require drinking too much of it even as it gives them a warm sensation while on its way down. The idea that creme de cacao, bourbon, egg whites, simple sugar, half and half, and a porter poured liberally over the top would be able to meld together is kind of hard to come to grips with. But, and let’s not forget the lemon juice, it might actually work in a very odd but efficient manner if one is careful with their pours and doesn’t go too much over or under the directions that are being handed out. Plus, the ingredients for this particular drink and the tools aren’t hard to find as they’ve been with other cocktails since it’s straightforward and doesn’t call for anything that might cost an arm and a leg to buy or be difficult to find in the standard grocery store.

Equally amazing is how many people still cling to the idea of bringing Firefly back since it’s been said more than once that if it was going to happen it would have already happened. That’s not about to deter a lot of people since despite the short run of the show and the fact that after the movie there really wasn’t any talk about bringing it back for a while, fans are still adamant about reviving this show. Even more amazing is that it could possibly happen if the enticement was great enough, though a petition is, as most people should be able to guess by now, only going to be as good as the paper it’s written on, which means that the moment it reaches those that the people are wanting to talk to it’s likely to be crumpled up and tossed in the trash bin. A lot of fans don’t want to admit that Firefly had its time and despite being a loved show it might not have been meant to go any further. The door isn’t firmly shut on the idea just yet, but there’s still the idea of being able to the original cast back together and hope that scheduling conflicts don’t arise and the idea that the entire cast would actually want to come back in the first place. There are a lot of ‘ifs’ to this idea and at this point trying to clear them all and satisfy the fans at the same time might not be entirely possible.

Enjoying the show for what it was though, that’s still a big possibility, and trying to think of ways to continue the universe in which it exists might even be a possibility, but bringing back the whole cast, who have all aged at this point as people should realize, might be a tall order that’s not entirely realistic. Things aren’t bound to be same even if the show does miraculously come back, but at least there are parts of it that people can still enjoy. James Whitbrook of Gizmodo has another way that people might be able to enjoy the series, but Mudder’s Milk looks like it might be just enticing enough to try a mug, or two if it’s good enough.

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