How to Complete the Waking Ruins Vault of Glass Encounter in Destiny 2

How to Complete the Waking Ruins Vault of Glass Encounter in Destiny 2

waking ruins vault of glass

If you wanted Destiny 2 content, it looks like this is your week to get it, since there is a bunch of stuff to talk about now that the Vault of Glass raid has made its return to Destiny over the weekend, bringing the player count on Steam to nearly 200,000 concurrent players (that’s a lot of people who wanted to push Atheon off the edge!) Now that Contest has been disabled and all players are free to roam around the Vault of Glass, it’s time to figure out how you can go about completing various encounters throughout the raid. So, how do you go about completing the first “encounter” of Vault of Glass? Be warned, if you want to go into this encounter blind, you probably shouldn’t read this guide, but also the raid (in one form or another) has been out for over half a decade, so you are more than likely already familiar with how most of it works anyway.

First encounter?

So what do I mean by first “encounter?” Well, technically, the game doesn’t consider the Waking Ruins to be a full encounter, as the “Fatebreaker” Triumph seal only recognizes the following encounters: Confluxes encounter, Oracles encounter, Templar encounter, Gatekeepers encounter, and the Atheon encounter. These are the only encounters that you need to complete for most of the Triumphs, specifically the ones that require you to complete encounters with a full fireteam of various elemental subclasses (Arc, Void, Solar, with surprisingly no Stasis this time around), however, there is a Triumph titled “Break No Plates” that does recognize Waking Ruins as an encounter.

Break No Plates

In order to complete the Break No Plates Triumph to then complete the Fatebreaker Triumph seal and earn the title of “Fatebreaker,” you must complete the Waking Ruins encounter while not losing a single sync plate to the Vex. This was nearly impossible while Contest mode was active, since the encounter itself was a lot harder than a lot of people expected it to be (mostly because it was just littered with ads), however with Contest now being disabled, it should be relatively simple depending on team coordination.

Building the Spire

So, the first step in completing the Waking Ruins encounter in the Vault of Glass is to capture three separate Vex plates in order to build a massive Vex Spire in the back middle of the arena. This is what eventually opens up the door to the Vault of Glass and allows us to pursue the next encounters. There’s going to be three different Vex plates on each side of the arena: one on left, one in the top middle, and one on the top right. Break off into three teams of two players (two on each plate). You will need to stand on these plates to capture them – this is what actually builds the Vex Spire to let us into the Vault of Glass. The problem is that you will also have a whole bunch of Vex spawning, from Hobgoblins and normal Goblins, to the classic Praetorians that have made their way back from the original Vault of Glass, but there’s also some new enemies that have been added to this encounter. Namely a massive yellow bar Cyclops on each plate that will shut you down if it’s not taken care of immediately. This was our biggest issue on Day 1, but eventually we figured out that if you just stick a couple of Anarchy shots onto it and then hide, they go down pretty quick. Anarchy also helps to keep the plates clear of any additional enemies, especially Praetorians. Your goal is to keep the Vex off of the plates, or else they will begin to not only halt progress, but will actually start to destroy the Spire if they take control of it. Do not let this happen, or you will be there forever. If a Goblin or two are on the plate for a second, then it’s a quick clean up and you’re good, but if a Praetorian happens to wander on over to a plate, then you will instantly lose that plate, so your goal is to kill the Praetorians as soon as humanly (or Exo-ly…or Awoken-ly) possible. Salvager’s Salvo works wonders for ad clearing as well, so if you just pop on an SMG, energy Grenade Launcher, and Anarchy (or Deathbringer), you will have absolutely zero problems as long as you and your plate partner are coordinated. You can check the progress that you’ve made throughout this encounter by looking at the back middle and seeing how much of the Vex Spire has been built already. You’ll know that you’ve completed the Waking Ruins encounter in the Vault of Glass when you receive a text pop-up in the bottom left corner of your screen, and you’re free to move onto the next.

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