Five Violent Scenes in Video Games that are Unintentionally Funny

Five Violent Scenes in Video Games that are Unintentionally Funny

The debate about whether video games are too violent has been an ongoing argument that has spanned decades ever since titles such as “Doom” and “Mortal Kombat” came onto the scene. The rating system that has become commonplace in this day and age was instilled to combat this problem, which means that it now lies with parents and guardians to allow their children to know what is real and what is not, and to decide what is allowable in their homes.

It is sad but true to say that video games have desensitized a great many players when it is seen that some people will actually find the most violent scenes within the games amusing. Such moments are at times meant to be comical no matter their graphic nature, but there are times when the comedy is not entirely intentional.

5. Mortal Kombat X- Cassie Cage’s ‘Bubblegum Finisher’

You could argue that this finishing scene is meant to be comical, but considering the nature of the fight in question it’s more disturbing than anything. Cassie Cage is the daughter of MK’s favorite couple and original fighters, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. A special forces officer like her mother, Cassie has a slew of martial arts moves, brutal attacks, and a fatality move that is off the charts when it comes to mindless violence.

It begins when she puts a single shot into the kneecaps of her opponent, dropping them to the ground before she puts a single slug in their forehead. As blood gushes out from the open wound in an unbelievable fountain Cassie approaches, blowing a bubble with the gum she’s been chewing and being careful not to allow it to become saturated with crimson fluid. Then, removing the wad from her mouth, she plugs the bullet hole, which promptly begins to fill the gum with a torrent of blood before popping with a playful noise that may or may not have been meant to induce the gales of laughter it’s caused thus far.

4. Tekken- Yoshimutsu’s ‘Harakiri’

Not only is Yoshimitsu a hard character to understand, but half of his movements seem, for lack of a better word, stupid. When used right he can be a deadly fighter, but this one move in his arsenal is undoubtedly bizarre and has caused more than one chuckle for those who have witnessed it. At seemingly random moments Yoshimitsu will turn his back to his opponent and stab himself in order to skewer his opponent. While this move has a very low success rate, meaning it messes up Yoshimitsu more often than not, it has produced a fair amount of hilarity that was not the intent of the programmers.

3 Street Fighter- Blanka’s bite attack

It’s one of the classic games of all time and in truth, this is such a silly move to start with that it stands to reason why it should be on this list. Blanka was a favorite character of the Street Fighter series for many years, and this attack is one reason why. It didn’t do a massive amount of damage, nor did it really mess up the other fighter, but it was simply amusing for many who played the game to watch a bestial fighter actually chewing on the head of another. While in today’s games this would seem quite tame and even a little moronic, back then it was enough to make several parents worry about their children’s mental health.

2. Soul Calibur 5- Voldo’s ‘Wheel of Madness’

There are many overbearing and ultimately violent characters in this franchise, but among them all, no one is as inherently crazy as Voldo. Half of his moves are so erratic that they don’t make a lick of sense, and his controls are so hard to master that many people have given up on him entirely. But the wheel of madness move is just absolutely hilarious to watch as it forces the tall but limber character to contort himself into a human hula hoop and then, somehow, go rolling across the stage, mowing down anyone and anything in his path. There is even a variation of the wheel in which Voldo throws his opponent high into the air and then uses the wheel to eviscerate his opponent in midair. The only saving grace to this game is that there is no blood, only flashes of light and a gradual lessening of their health bar. The violence is still a big factor though.

1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Makarov’s Death

By far one of the bloodiest and most realistic games ever created in the modern age, Call of Duty has a calling unlike any other. In this chapter Captain John Price has finally tracked down the villain, Makarov, and is about to dispense his brand of justice when Makarov attempts to escape. In a daring attempt to bring down the helicopter in which his enemy is attempting to get away, Price kills both pilots and then crashed the copter, landing hard on a glass ceiling. During a final confrontation with Makarov, Price is seen to pummel the other man mercilessly before wrapping a nylon cord around his throat and then slamming him repeatedly into the glass ceiling until it finally breaks beneath the two of them.

Makarov is sent to his neck-breaking fall, while shortly after Price lights a cigar and has himself a moment of well-earned triumph. Throughout the whole ordeal this one moment is where most players begin to chuckle and compliment themselves on a job well done…..while a man hangs from a rope less than twenty feet away.

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