How Real is Bar Rescue?

How Real is Bar Rescue?
How Real is Bar Rescue?

credit: Bar Rescue

It’s hard to figure out, but reality TV still confuses a lot of people when it comes to deciphering whether it’s real or not, or if it’s entirely staged. Bar Rescue is just one of many shows that people have found appealing over the years, and it’s not hard to figure out why since a lot of people enjoy a night out at the bar, and finding out more about a favorite pastime is sometimes interesting. The things that are seen in the failing bars that the host and entrepreneur, Jon Taffer, view in the show are authentic at times but are staged quite often for the audience. The sad part is that those who have worked in taverns and upscale bars know a little too well how bad things can get and how quickly they can get that way. Filth, poor service, and lack of effort can go a long way toward destroying a business, but what’s seen in the show is often scripted and not entirely real. The dramatization isn’t without basis thankfully since there are simply too many bars out there that aren’t run the way they should be. But as far as this program goes, the entertainment value is a big part of why it exists in the form it does. 

How Real is Bar Rescue?

 credit: Bar Rescue

On the upside, Jon Taffer does know what he’s talking about, most of the time. 

Jon is the kind of guy that’s been there, done that, and has failed as much as he’s succeeded, so he is an authority on running a bar. The bars that he’s overlooked and helped during the course of the show have usually been dives and businesses that are depicted as troubling because of the staff, the decor, or something just as important. How bad these bars are really doing is up for debate since some of the stuff that’s been shown is absolutely horrible. Things like mold, insect infestation, and other matters are enough to get a bar shut down in a hot minute, but some of the other stuff that is shown on the program is definitely staged since otherwise, the authorities would get involved in a heartbeat. 

The live cameras are kind of a tip that this show isn’t one hundred percent legit. 

Think about it, most people don’t act naturally when they know there’s a camera on them, and this show has plenty of cameras at any given time. A truly hidden camera probably wouldn’t reveal as much, and the cameras following people around as they work aren’t bound to catch people performing as they normally do. If that’s the case, then the people on this show are either great actors or they have no shame whatsoever when they show the attitudes and behaviors exhibited. Plus, talking more about the ‘hidden cameras”, they’re not exactly hidden since any time one of these devices is shown, it’s a little too obvious, and it’s something that most people would notice since the presence of something that wasn’t there before is kind of easy to note. Of course, there are those folks that are completely oblivious to their surroundings and might not notice said devices, but that’s still a hard sell to many who have been in the business long enough. It’s like a ship, the captain and the crew tend to notice when things are different. 

How Real is Bar Rescue?

 credit: Bar Rescue

Thankfully, the experts are actually experts 

You can quickly check the credentials of each one of the experts on this show and discover that most of them know precisely what they’re talking about. This is something that could tank the show if it wasn’t on point since trying to pass off someone as an expert when they’re not is a bad idea. The celebrity guests that the show has brought on in the past might know little about the bar business if they’ve done their fair share. Still, it’s easy to think that big names like Jenny McCarthy and Marshawn Lynch don’t know more than the experts, but it’s possible they might have been doing their homework over the years. When it comes to knowing what they’re doing, Jon’s crew can be depended on to be the professionals they are. 

The show is fun to watch, so that’s something. 

As long as a person remembers that reality TV doesn’t deal with reality constantly, it’s straightforward to have fun with this show and learn something. The fun part is that Bar Rescue does manage to educate those who watch. It’s still wise to check and see if everything that’s being said is correct.  The bar business is a science and a business, much as the show says. But as far as the drama goes, some of it is real, and some are just for effect. 

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