Homer and Krusty the Clown Theory Finally Gets Answered on Twitter

Homer and Krusty the Clown Theory Finally Gets Answered on Twitter

Homer and Krusty the Clown Theory Finally Gets Answered on Twitter

This is when you know people are bored or are WAY too into a show, when the old archival footage and data is brought up to appease the fans or debunk a theory that says Homer Simpson was dressed as Krusty the Clown in the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” story arc. As Kevin Burwick of TVWeb reminds us it was Maggie that shot Burns on accident when he took her lollipop, but to think that we’re still talking about this years later when it’s already been discussed over and over and over is enough to make a person cross their eyes and wonder just how bad the cabin fever is really getting. Does it matter who it really was, Homer or Krusty? It’s true, we all have trivial questions about shows and movies that we wonder about, and that get scrutinized in the same manner by other that think they’re inconsequential, but this is really reaching. The Simpsons have been moving forward from that moment for a long time and to think that it’s being brought up again is enough to make a person wonder if there really is nothing to do in some peoples’ lives that this would get dragged from the dusty shelves again. The idea of who shot Mr. Burns turned into an episode that had people talking for some time until it was finally discovered, and in fact it became a giant case of whodunnit among the fans and spawned several different theories before it was finally revealed.

But Homer dressed as Krusty? Seriously? People obsess about some strange things sometimes, but this has to be one of those that’s just beyond the pale simply because it forces one to wonder just what else those that wonder about this are thinking about during the rest of their day. Ramsey Ess of Vulture has more to say about this matter. It did get debunked obviously since we’re here talking about it, but some fans still want to hold onto the theory for all it’s worth for one reason or another and have refused to let it go. At times this makes a person wonder if said fans have a lot going on in their lives or not, or if small facts like this are like an itch that they can’t help but scratch. There have been many upon many fan theories concerning the Simpsons and they’ve all covered some bit of the overall story that appears to catch in the craw of the fans. A lot of us have to wonder why this is and why it’s deemed so important at times, especially since some folks apparently think it’s important enough to share with an online audience.

The explanation of animators in other countries adding something in to the original piece isn’t far off the mark since it’s been done before and is likely still a practice since people in different countries enjoy the same shows but in different ways. Someone could have gotten hold of an altered copy of the Simpsons episode in question and thought that it was the original. It’s hard to say really when a bit of news such as this comes across the desk and people appear to want to make a big deal of it. The Simpsons is of course one of the greatest additions to pop culture that has stuck with the world for years on end now and there are those that dedicate a good portion of their day and even their life to understanding every little piece of information there is to be had concerning the Simpsons and the world they live in. But from the standpoint of someone that might think this is a little nuts it does appear to be a giant waste of time even if it can be justified by saying that it’s not a waste for those that truly enjoy it. The justification of course for saying that this is a waste of time is that it doesn’t further anything, it doesn’t prove anything, and it certainly doesn’t further the story at this point and time. So yes, it is kind of a look into the past that does nothing but ask ‘what if’ for no better reason than to be curious. Curiosity in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s what helps people explore the world around them after all, but there are those times when it does lead to a very big dead end, and this is one of the many that exist.

Enjoying the Simpsons is an easy task and one that a lot of people still take time to do in their busy day, but scrutinizing it in such a way and calling it enjoyment is a good way to acquire a host of funny looks from folks. This is largely because the moment someone starts analyzing every little thing about the show the magic fades just a bit. Constance Grady of Vox has her own opinion on this.

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