10 Things You Didn’t Know about Himesh Patel

Himesh Patel

Himesh Patel is a name we’re starting to hear more and more as the days continue to roll by since his career seems to have been taking off recently and as a result his reputation is growing as well. He’s not exactly a newbie as he’s been in show business for a while now, but gaining attention in the US is something that tends to escalate one’s name in a big way and gaining the kind of notice that can make a person into a worldwide sensation is something that a lot of individuals are willing to do almost anything to achieve. Himesh has been on the scene now for well over a decade it sounds like so he definitely has the life experience and the job experience he needs to keep pushing forward with his career, and it also seems that with his role in Yesterday he’s shooting for something far bigger than he’s previously done in the past.

Here are just a few things about Himesh that you might not have known.

10. He was constantly impersonating his favorite stars as a child.

This is pretty common among a lot of children that are outgoing and enjoy entertaining others since impersonation is a form of flattery as well as a desire to be someone that we’re not. A lot of us can probably look back on our childhood and remember a time when we put on a costume or simply altered our voice somehow and pretended to be someone else that we looked up to at one time or another.

9. Himesh had a paper route until he was 21.

Normally this seems like something you’d ditch when you’re still in your teens since after a while it just doesn’t pay that much and it becomes too much of a drag on your time when you’d rather be out doing other things. But apparently Himesh stuck with it for a while longer even though he could stand it.

8. He taught himself how to play the guitar at age 13.

He even bought the guitar with his own money, which shows that he’s not only frugal but dedicated to whatever he wants to do. That kind of attitude is what drives a lot of people to do great things in their lives and allows them to push forward when others might change direction and try something else.

7. Growing up was kind of awkward since he was only one of two Indian kids at his school.

This is kind of unfortunate since it likely left him open to prejudice and ridicule at times unless someone decided to befriend him and help the situation rather than make it worse. Being only one of two students that shared an ethnic background couldn’t been easy, but thankfully he seems to have grown up well-adjusted and moved past this point in his life.

6. He had his acting debut at the age of 16.

So yes, he was still in school when he got his first acting gig, as he had to finish a test before having his parents drive him to the audition where he was accepted. Acting and going to school at the same time has to be a hectic schedule since one won’t typically wait for the other most times.

5. As of now he’s in his late 20s.

Like a lot of other celebrities Himesh has done a lot with his life to date and he’s still pretty young which means he has a lot of time left to him to do even more. What he’s going to do with his career moving forward is unknown for the most part but it seems feasible to believe that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

4. Creative writing is just one of his interests.

He is a writer as well as an actor and he does like to sit down when he has time and come up with something interesting that might be worth taking a look at. There could be more talent just waiting to be unveiled if he does happen to write something great.

3. He’s got a decent following on social media.

The tens of thousands of followers he has seems to argue that he’s not quite as well known as people would think but then again social media isn’t always the best indicator of how popular a person really is.

2. It’s not know what his net worth is.

It’s kind of interesting to see who’s net worth is up for display and whose isn’t. If I had to guess I’d say that Himesh’s net worth isn’t all that much at this time when compared to a lot of people but it’s still substantial since he’s been around for a while and proven himself in a few ways.

1. There’s not a lot about his personal life online.

Personally I find this gratifying since personal information can be interesting if it’s seen in a positive or curious light, but more often it’s nicer to stick to a celebrity’s professional life.

He’s just one of many making a buzz right now, but he could be someone we’re talking about for years to come.

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