Is HGTV’s Island Hunters Just a Big Sham?

Is HGTV’s Island Hunters Just a Big Sham?

Is HGTV’s Island Hunters Just a Big Sham?

People really buy this? I mean seriously, people think that buying an island would be this easy? Not only is the show Island Hunters an obvious fake, but to buy an island you basically have to be willing to isolate yourself in a way that few if any people would ever accept as a reality, and then there’s the matter of how much an island would cost, especially depending on size. And who would sell it to you? Who would you be making payments to? It is is entirely possible, but only if you have deep pockets and a real, honest desire to live off the land. Because let’s not forget that with an island you get what is there, not what you’d want.

Mother Nature does not provide necessities such as ready-made homes, unless you want to live in a cave. She doesn’t do such things as indoor plumbing, central air, or electrical work that won’t shock the heck out of you during a rainstorm. Those things will cost money as well. And then let’s talk transportation to and from your island. Great, if you have your own boat, which is MORE money. Even if you have a means of getting there that’s not yours, such as a plane or someone else’s boat, it’s bound to be MORE money. Who in the world is going to want to be your personal ferry service unless they’re getting paid?

You’ll also need to take into account that your surroundings will attempt to treat you as an invader for quite a while if not for a prolonged period of time. You are in fact invading on an existing ecosystem and will be seen as an intruder, or at least a curiosity that merits some form of reaction. This means that the local wildlife could decide to give you a welcome that you could do without.

On top of all this is the matter of location. Most people would think of a tropical island or at least a wooded island as a means of escape from the hustle and bustle of the civilized world. But do they tend to think of what it will be like on their island? There’s no buffer between them and nature at that point. It can be a great thing for sunsets and sunrises and even the glorious beauty of a sunny day. But on the open water, ensconced on your own island, you’re at the mercy of the nature that surrounds you. If a tree falls the county service won’t be coming out to help. If you can’t reach the mainland because the power is out then there won’t be anyone out to fix your lines until the storm passes. Once you’re on your island you are no longer a priority. You’ve removed yourself from the realm of mankind for all intents and purposes and are on your own.

So, does it sound as realistic now? Or are a lot of you starting to think that living on the mainland isn’t so bad?


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