Heroes Reborn at Comic-Con: Masi Oka Discusses Rediscovering to Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Reborn at Comic-Con: Masi Oka Discusses Rediscovering to Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Reborn

While there are a lot of new shows that will be debuting this fall, there are also ton of returning ones, as well as shows that are now coming back after having finished their original runs. One of those shows is NBC’s Heroes Reborn, a limited event series that is a continuation from the original Heroes, which ended back in 2010. Heroes Reborn will be mostly telling the stories of new people, but also feature some returning favorites. One of those returning actors is Masi Oka, who played the fan-favorite character of Hiro Nakamura, the time-traveling teleporter, in the original Heroes series.

TVOvermind was fortunate enough to participate in the Heroes Reborn Press Room at San Diego Comic-Con with other news outlets at roundtables where stars and producers from the show discussed what is coming up in the new limited series. Oka was one of the people we got to talk to, and you can watch his entire roundtable interview below, as he discusses what it’s like to return to such an iconic role after being away from it for so many years, how Heroes Reborn acts as a bit of a love letter to fans of the original Heroes series, where we will see Hiro when Heroes Reborn begins and what is now different about him, the importance of evolving Hiro from the young, comedic character he once was into something else, and how many episodes he is signed on for at this point and whether he will return after those episodes.

Heroes Reborn will premiere on Thursday, September 24 at 8/7c on NBC. Stay tuned for more roundtable videos of the cast and producers in the next few days right here at TVOvermind.

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