Here’s What Happens if an Actor Can’t Grow a Beard for a Role

Here’s What Happens if an Actor Can’t Grow a Beard for a Role

Here’s What Happens if an Actor Can’t Grow a Beard for a Role

If you didn’t know already then it’s time to figure this out: Hollywood is based largely on appearance. When it comes to facial hair there are some men that can grow a beard in a matter of days, while others might take months to a year or more to get a decent face full of fuzz. If the latter is the case then it’s likely that a beard will be glued on to their face to gain the desired look. This is actually preferred by many people in the business since the beard can then be removed and worked on as needed in order to keep it in good shape and avoid any damage to it. Let’s be honest, growing a mustache and beard can be kind of a pain in the backside, and then taking care of it is just as bad since the moment that you touch your face your facial hair can become kind of a mess. Unless this is the desired look for the camera it’s just not bound to work, and a lot of directors might actually tell an actor to shave so they can use a false beard and mustache. In this manner, the facial hair can be consistent and can be used over and over so long as it stays together. It sounds kind of creepy to use a beard more than once, but it’s not an uncommon practice.

A lot of us have seen what happens when a mustache is digitally removed since the whole idea was horrendous when it was used for The Justice League movie. Given the idea that fake mustaches can be used quite easily, it’s a wonder why Henry Cavill wasn’t allowed to shave and then fitted with a fake mustache that would have looked real for all intents. But somehow, someway, bad decisions like this sometimes are allowed to be passed off as good ideas. When it comes to actors being able to actually grow their own facial hair though it has still been seen that directors will want them to shave unless of course, they’re notable stars that tend to get their way more often than not when it comes to filming. There are those that can get what they want when it comes to certain aspects of filming, and those that aren’t famous enough and are wise to do as they’re asked since they know that they can be replaced quite easily. In this case, it’s usually a better idea to do what the director wants and grin and bear it since hair does grow back.

Facial hair is something that might be seen as inconsequential to a lot of people since it does tend to grow back, even if it’s not that fast or some folks and almost overnight for others. But in show business, everything needs to be accounted for as much as possible, and beards and mustaches fall into that category since they’re qualities that can be controlled and kept under lock and key when needed. It does sound odd to say such a thing, but the only ones that really get that much leeway when it comes to their facial hair are those that have been around the business long enough to really have the kind of pull they need when it comes to what happens with their body and what doesn’t. Even the most famous individuals might have to do what they need to at times in order to get the shot that’s needed, but likely as not there are times when the top actors are willing to fight the edict that they need to shave, as it’s been seen more than once that this is the case. But fighting over facial hair sounds like kind of an amusing conversation since it’s something that a lot of people don’t care about one way or another. There are those that don’t like facial hair since they think it’s dirty and that it promotes filth, while others happen to like it since it can make some men look rather distinguished.

At the end of the day though it’s a matter of what the director wants and what the movie needs when it comes to facial hair. It’s kind of a silly thing to really get bent out of shape for, but when all is said and done, some men can grow a beard pretty quickly, while others couldn’t grow more than a few wisps at a time and might need a full decade to grow a halfway decent beard. It’s funny how this works, but when it comes to beards in movies and on TV shows it’s actually preferred to use fake facial hair since it’s reliable and can be made to look like whatever is needed. The effect is usually pretty convincing.

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