Here’s The Reason Why Sean Connery Regrets Playing James Bond

Somehow it still feels as though if asked to tell the truth that Sean Connery would state that there was some good that came out of playing James Bond, though as it’s noted in Looper he goes from a calm and grateful attitude to an overall verbally aggressive and very dismissive lean towards the character. Let’s be fair here and say that he earned his attitude towards the role of the super spy, but at the very least it might be nice of him to go back and state that he was in fact given a big leg up by playing the role. The difficulties that came with the role however, whatever those might have been, were a big part of why Connery eventually grew overly tired of having to go back time and time again to put on the suit, don the attitude, and play out a role that from the first movie began to wear on him in a very big way. It’s funny to hear that Roger Moore was actually considered earlier on for the role, though Connery’s bad-boy attitude is what landed him the role. To think that he couldn’t stand being the character, and that he actually likened him to a boring English policeman with a great deal of extras and frills is kind of humorous really. It’s also something that a lot of fans might argue over since few if any police officers in any country ever managed to utilize the equipment and techniques that Bond employed so often.

Listening to his story initially one might have wondered just why Connery stuck around for so long if he truly hated the role, and the money is the most likely reason since he made a good deal of it off of playing spy. Plus it did elevate his career in a big way as he went on to become even more famous afterward, when the Bond mantle had been passed on to the next individual in line. To this day though he still condemns the role and makes it known that he thought it was a bad idea from the first movie. Likely as not the contracts that he signed didn’t make it easy for him to just walk away either, but the fact that he kept coming back again and again without contesting the role any further than just grumbling about it makes one think that the money was just that enticing or there was something about it that he liked but didn’t want to admit. Such a statement is likely to cause an argument to spring up, but to be realistic one has to wonder, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, why in the world would you keep going back?

There are a lot of reasons of course, and a good number of them are monetary since a lot of people aren’t willing to walk away from a payday that could possibly set them up for a while. But considering his popularity thanks to the Bond movies one might think that he has at least something nice to say every now and then about the experience if only because of what it did for him. But it does sound as though the runaround that he had to deal with when it came to producers on the set was enough to sour him on the experience. That’s kind of saddening really since he was one of the best at playing the part of Bond, but he wasn’t the only one that had an issue with the role since Daniel Craig didn’t really care for it as well apparently. It’s enough to wonder with some confusion as to why anyone would stay with something that they don’t agree with however, apart from the idea that they’re under contract and can’t back out with causing serious problems to their finances and their reputation as an actor. A lot of people in Hollywood don’t want to work with actors that are prone to changing their mind at any given second and might back out if something doesn’t go their way, which is the kind of reputation that many people gain no matter if the reason is sound or not. Likely as not this is part of what Connery and Craig both thought about at times when it came to whether they would stick around or not. Obviously a person can’t be forced to do something that they don’t want, even if backing away will have legal implications. But thinking that it’s just the money and their reputations that kept them there is kind of naive really, since if a person is dead set on not doing something it’s bound to happen that they’ll walk away. In other words, both Connery and Craig found some value in playing Bond for so long, no matter how much they hated it.

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