Here’s an Awesome Video of Barack Obama Playing Santa Claus

Here’s an Awesome Video of Barack Obama Playing Santa Claus

Here’s an Awesome Video of Barack Obama Playing Santa Claus

It’s pretty cool to see the former president still being a man of the people no matter what some care to say about him. Barack Obama playing Santa Claus at a Boys and Girls club in Washington is indeed something special to witness since it gives people a lot of pride in their former president and a great gift aside from whatever’s in the bag. I think it goes without saying that you probably wouldn’t find Trump being quite this friendly or letting a moment like this go without saying something extremely insensitive or crude to mar the moment just a bit. If you can recall the last little Halloween clip in which he actually went into the matter of talking about weight with a little girl. Say what you want about Obama, he at least kindly refrained from saying such things around kids, or anyone for that matter.

For the Christmas season though it’s pretty special when someone that was so high up in the public eye manages to make their way down to the common level and come bearing gifts nonetheless. The Obama’s have made it a point to actually mingle with the public during their tenure in the White House and tended to want to make the holidays something special for kids. That alone is something that’s important for anyone that has influence over anyone else in this country. You make life a little bit more special for someone else that might not have as much as you do.

During the Christmas season especially it helps to dole out good cheer and a warm feeling of being remembered and recognized. The Boys and Girls Club of America is an organization that was devised in the late 19th century as the Boys’ Club. It wouldn’t become the Boys and Girls Club until the 1990’s, and by then there were chapters all across the nation. What they do is offer after-school programs for children so as to keep them out of trouble and engaged in positive activities that can help them with their development in a safe and structured environment.

To see the former president and his wife make their way to the Boys and Girls Club though is truly something special since they don’t have to and are under no obligation to make such a trip. It’s the fact that they showed the desire to pop in and play the part of Santa and made the day of so many kids that’s really awesome. There are so many things I could say about Trump right now but I think I’ll be nice for this moment and not go off on the tirade that a lot of people might want to hear.

That’s not what this moment is for.

This is for something wonderful and special and altogether touching since it was something that Barack Obama has become known for when it comes to the holidays. He loves to have fun, he loves to be a people person, and he loves making people smile. Playing Santa at Christmas accomplishes all of those.

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