Heavy Metal Band Galactic Empire Covers The Imperial March and March Of The Resistance

Heavy Metal Band Galactic Empire Covers The Imperial March and March Of The Resistance

Galactic Empire

Honestly a lot of people might look at Star Wars and think of more classical music, as Joshua Barone of The New York Times can show, since that’s been the whole theme throughout the years, especially since it lends a great deal of feeling and emotion to the overlying elements that go into the story. But to think that it can’t be somehow enhanced by something a little harder like heavy metal for pieces such as the Imperial March and March of the Resistance is kind of hard to say with a straight face. There are a lot of hardcore elements in the movies and in the franchise itself that might be given a little more ‘oomph’ with an inclusion of harder riffs and beats that could really accentuate the danger, the passion, the drive, and many other factors that have been thrust into these movies and shows for so many years. Maybe it’s more of a feeling that this could work, but the videos below are still massively impressive, and not just because it seems unlikely that the musicians can’t possibly see all that well and might have limited mobility in those outfits.

The Imperial March is definitely a tune that was meant to inspire authority as it’s the type of music that doesn’t seem to speak of a lot of hope considering that each note seems to be laced with what sounds like a warning of danger and obvious threat. But for a regime like the Empire this seems perfect since it’s not only the type of music you’d expect to hear from a despotic leadership, but also the type you’d hear from a group that’s bent on total domination and, if necessary, annihilation of anyone that stands in their path. The Empire wasn’t known for being kind after all unless they were trying to get something, in which case that kindness was either a veiled threat or a thin mask that would be torn aside once they got what they wanted or figured out that those they were dealing with weren’t about to just stand aside. The heavy metal version is a little more playful in a way as it doesn’t seem to roll on like a constant instrument of doom and dismay, but instead seems to lift and even bounce along even while it seems to promise destruction and death with each and every pounding note.

The March of the Rebellion is meant to be inspirational, defiant, and more to the point, is supposed to give some sense of hope that in the face of tyranny, as was the Rebellion’s main point after all. Star Wars has been an impressive story throughout the years and it’s been largely because it’s a story in which a group of people seek to stand up against another group that is being completely tyrannical no matter that the idea they’re striving for is one that seems to make sense to those that have a limited sense of morals. Of course, as Matthew Gault from Medium might say, the Rebellion can’t really claim that their hands are entirely clean since we’ve seen that they too did what they needed to do thanks to Rogue One. The thing about war is that very few people involved are ever going to be entirely innocent given that to win, or to simply survive, things sometimes have to be done in order to make sure that such a goal can be reached. In the case of Star Wars people on both sides have had to make hard and very controversial calls that might not be agreed upon by every individual but are surely what needs to be done in order to make the universe work as it should.

These heavy metal covers are great in the sense that they bring a new life to the old music of a favored franchise. With each new addition to the Star Wars fandom and the many contributions that have been seen over the years the franchise only continues to grow stronger and more diverse as more and more people seek to add to it just a little bit. That’s great thanks to the fact that it really does allow the story to grow in a way and the love of it to get passed around from one generation to the next as people continue to make their way into the greater Star Wars family and continue to revere it in various ways that continue to let it grow. Heavy Metal and Star Wars doesn’t always seem like it goes together but like a lot of things in pop culture, Star Wars is increasingly versatile as it continues to roll onward and accept more and more fans that want to interpret the saga in their own way and add to it so as to preserve the creativity and continue the legacy. By way, have you ever noticed that storm troopers just can’t seem to hit that much?

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