The HBO Hacking Is Actually a Good Thing, And Here’s Why

The HBO Hacking Is Actually a Good Thing, And Here’s Why

The HBO Hacking Is Actually a Good Thing, And Here’s Why

On the outset the HBO hacking problem looks like it could be nothing but trouble. The only ones it looks like it could be positive for are those that are doing the hacking and, of course, those who want to see the next episode of Game of Thrones earlier than is scheduled. But maybe this hack can actually be considered to be a good thing.

You might well be scratching your head wondering just how that can be, but let’s take a look at it.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? HBO has been in the spotlight since this supposed breach, and while people are so focused upon the leak they’re keeping their eyes on HBO and any possible episodes that might have “accidentally” been leaked so that they can keep abreast of their favorite series. It sounds simplistic and opportunistic, not to mention dismissive if the threat is as real as some people seem to think. But let’s digress for a moment.

HBO has never really been floundering badly enough to fear for its mainstream presence. It’s had some slow years to be certain, but never has it really been in any danger of fading away. In the past few years it’s been one of the hottest networks out of the bunch thanks to its lineup. Without a doubt Game of Thrones has been its one star show out of all of them no matter that a few others have had similar success. GoT has made them relevant again and, understandably, they’ve been very protective of their star show.

But sometimes coveting your own prize can be a bit dangerous. It can make you complacent, lazy, and unaware of the dangers that might be sitting right outside your door waiting to pounce. If the hackers are real then GoT and other shows could be in danger of being revealed far ahead of their scheduled release dates.

But lets just entertain a what if for a moment.

What if HBO is staging their own “breach” in order to bump up subscriptions and sales? What if that breach sends everyone running to see what happens, and by extension increases the number of people that will be watching? It’s thin, but think of it. For all the success they’re having they’re numbers could be floundering and a lot of us would never know about it. You really think they give out the real numbers when asked? But what if, just what if they were orchestrating this entire thing to gain back the popularity they need to reach the top of the TV industry again? They’re not exactly scraping the bottom, but at one point and time in history HBO was the TV of the gods so to speak. You were a far more popular person with HBO than without it, and the stations influence at one time had risen to such a degree that even speaking it’s name was enough to elicit impressed looks from others.

It’s a bit of paranoia mixed with conjecture, but really, what if? There’s no such thing as bad publicity as I’ve said, and this is putting HBO front and center.


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