Hart of Dixie 3.06 Review: “Family Tradition”


Much like the title implies, this episode of Hart of Dixie dealt with a couple of drastically different types of families.  One had good intentions, leading to an important conversation in a fan favorite couple’s relationship.  The other family turned out to be nothing but a disappointment.

I had been wondering since the beginning of the season where Zoe has been living and it turns out she and Joel are still staying in Dash’s bed and breakfast.  His timely and funny interruptions into their bedroom lead them to start searching for a house to rent.  They believe they’ve found the perfect one, when the realtor tells Zoe the owner probably won’t rent to her.  It turns out the owner is a member of the Wilkes family, her late father’s family that she never even met.  Under the guise of a magician and his assistant, Joel and Zoe crash a Wilkes’ family birthday party.  As Zoe bonds with her cousins, she decides she’s going to tell them who she really is.  This seemingly fun and loving family turns out to not be so welcoming after all.  One cousin essentially tells Zoe that she doesn’t belong here, no matter if she’s technically blood related to them.  Ouch.  Poor Zoe, but at least she’s still got her family of friends in Bluebell.

Meanwhile, Lemon and Wade are high-fiving over their shared success when they realize the Rammer Jammer made a 20% increase in profits.  I’ve loved their friendship since they bought the bar together, so I was disappointed to see Lemon seriously considering buying Fancy’s, the literal fanciest restaurant in the Bluebell area.  Two weeks ago she was bonding with Peter over her unique arrangement of music in the jukebox at the Rammer Jammer based on emotions.  Her offer to buy Fancy’s was rejected, but Wade already bought her out of the bar so she’s not currently tied down to anything.  That’s good for Lemon though, because she really is so confused about where she belongs.

Annabeth’s parents are in town visiting, and much to their surprise, they discover their daughter is dating Lavon.  AB was only reluctant to tell them about her relationship because Lavon is a well-known former Alabama college football player, and her parents have a deep-seeded rivalry with the Rolltide.  Imagine AB and Lavon’s surprise then to see her parents show up in full Alabama gear!  Typical parents that they are, they have ulterior motives to drop hints to Lavon about marriage.  Annabeth takes her parents’ hints to heart when it turns out Lavon may not have been seriously considering marriage in their future.  Her breakdown to Lavon about wanting them to be on the same page was perfect.  She really opened his eyes to the reality of their future.  I know an engagement has to be coming along at some point this season, so I can’t wait!

Ugh.  Where do I begin to talk about Lynly and George?  I can see the writers have dialed back on Lynly’s crazy from earlier in the season, but I still can’t stand her.  With Lemon leaving the Rammer Jammer, Wade even hired Lynly as a bartender, meaning she’ll have more screen time.  I’m still not buying that the George Tucker we know would really be interested in someone as immature and nagging as Lynly.

Next week looks like it’ll be silly but great, with Zoe and Wade working together to save Joel from kidnappers.  I’m not sure how or why a grown man would be kidnapped in such a small town as it is, but I’m just excited to see more Zoe and Wade scenes together!

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