Halo Season 2: What We Know

Halo Season 2: What We Know
Halo Paramount+ Master Chief

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The Halo series of video games, originally developed by Bungie, has been one of the best-selling video game and media franchises of all time, and as with any popular franchise across the various forms of media, a television show, of course, had to be created as well. Unfortunately, the Halo television adaptation has been in the works for longer than anyone involved with the project could have been happy about. Still, all good things come to all those that wait, although the overall Halo fandom had some major disappointments with the Halo series once it arrived. Below, we’ve detailed the Halo television series and what we know about Halo Season 2, as the Season 1 finale aired a few months back.

Halo Season 2 Paramount+

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Halo was released initially for the original Xbox console in 2001, along with a novel that has expanded and grown just as much as the video game franchise and a theme song some can’t forget. Eventually, the game was ported to Mac and Windows operating systems, but the game has remained an Xbox-exclusive title since, including PC versions in recent years. While Bungie no longer holds the rights to the franchise, the original developer was in control of the franchise until Xbox acquired the rights entirely from Bungie. Then, 343 Industries was handed the keys to the military science fiction first-person shooter. Overall, the story across nearly every Halo game has been to protect the Halo Rings from any impending forces that may try to use them to destroy worlds and humanity. From the massive hit that Halo was as a video game almost instantly, talk for a Halo live-action adaptation began to rise. As Halo Season 1 was mainly a hit for fans, Season 2 will likely only dive into the known stories of Halo more, but with their twist.

Halo Spartan Paramount+

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Halo on Paramount+

Eventually, Halo arrived on Paramount+, on a weekly schedule for fans to get a several-week dosage of the long-awaited Master Chief to be played by a real-life actor over a voice actor, animation, or CGI work. Fans have been waiting for the Halo series to take shape since it was initially announced as a movie but was brought back to life as a series concept produced by Steven Speilberg in 2013. Possibilities for the Halo show to appear sooner than later started when Master Chief was officially cast to be played by actor Pablo Shreiber, the first casting of a live-action actor. While there was always a whole world built around the Master Chief, the role of Master Chief had to be taken with the most consideration, as the character couldn’t be replaced come Halo Season 2 or 3, or if there was a conflict with a contract, Paramount needed a permanent player. Cortana, Master Chief’s internal AI, was initially slated to be portrayed by Natascha McElhone, on top of her role as Dr. Catherine Halsey, but was later changed to Cortana’s original voice actress from the Halo video games, Jen Taylor. The original reason to have the actor of Dr. Halsey play the character was likely for the video game’s original concept that Cortana was a clone of Halsey in every way except physically.

Dr Halsey Halo Paramount+

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Halo Season 1

Halo Season 1 premiered on Paramount+ in March, which will hopefully be the same release month for Halo Season 2, earlier this year in 2022, but was renewed before the premiere date had even arrived. Halo was a mixed bag for lifelong fans of the Halo franchise for its changes to the source material, such as the removal of Master Chief’s helmet. Critics overall agreed, citing that the action and acting were above par, but practically every other aspect was worth only negative notes. Although critics tend to be made up of those that don’t understand the source material and overall, critics shouldn’t decide a fan’s choice to see or enjoy a piece of work or not, a scene in which Master Chief has sex with a prisoner was a bit jarring to anyone.

Halo Season 2 Master Chief

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Halo Season 2

Halo Season 2 may be far out with the extensive budget per episode. Still, with the overall epic story that could be told with literal decades or inspiration and source material behind it, it’ll likely be worth the wait. However, it’ll also likely come with an equal amount of complaints from disgruntled fans. As eager as fans may be for Halo Season 2, what we know about The Silver Timeline, a timeline created for the sake of upholding everything established by the video games as their universe, has proved already that the Halo television series, in season 2, will continue to derive from the core material to best suit television. The same goes for the Halo video game franchise, as specific events stated to happen between or before the games have been altered in the universe’s history in Halo on Paramount+. So overall, while Halo on Paramount+ may feel like it could be going out of its way to being established as a different story than the Halo video games introduced, the difference in events could make for an entirely different setting come the season following Season 2 of Halo.theme song some can’t forget

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