Why Halloween Ends Was A Bold Mistake

Why Halloween Ends Was A Bold Mistake
Why Halloween Ends Was A Bold Mistake

It’s been nearly a year since David Gordon Green finished the iconic trilogy in a controversial fashion. The latest reboot of the Halloween franchise started off strong and got both fans and critics excited over what’s to come in Green’s retelling of the horror classic. Then Halloween Kills happened. Out of the gate, the second film in the trilogy was blasted for its overreliance on senseless gore and meandering plot.

Since everyone knew that there would be a third film, Halloween Kills failed to be fresh and entertaining in the way that justified its existence. In truth, the premise for Halloween Kills was actually great. However, the execution was anything but — then the finale arrived. Concern arose when executives revealed that Halloween Kills would also go to Peacock. It didn’t help that the review embargo lifted on the day of release. The second installment of the series turned out to be a divisive beast, but the bold change in direction was a case a little too late.

The Decision To Make Michael Myers Evil Contagious Was Interesting

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween

Originally, Green’s entire trilogy was supposed to take place in the span of one night. It was actually a brilliant concept, and the writer-director came up with intriguing directions for the first two films. Then the pandemic happened. Green opted to steer away from his original plan. On the surface, Green changing the focus of the franchise by treating Michael Myers as a contagious curse could’ve been a truly compelling movie.

However, the problem was that Halloween and Halloween Kills had built the entire trilogy to a Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers showdown. Technically, Halloween Ends does get to that in the climax, but it actually feels extremely forced. That’s because Halloween Ends isn’t about Laurie or Michael Myers. It’s about Corey (Rohan Campbell). This set-up should’ve happened in the very first film. Not the last. Fans were expecting an all-out war between Strode and Myers, and it Gordon should’ve carried out his original plan.

Halloween Ends Isn’t Bad, But Will Still Go Down As One Of The Worst Films In The Series

Why Halloween Ends Was A Bold Mistake

Halloween Kills should’ve been the finale of the franchise. By no means is that film great. However, with some tinkering, the town vs. Michael Myers could’ve been a satisfactory conclusion to the rebooted franchise. Never mind the fact that Halloween Ends changes course on the original plan for the trilogy. It’s also feels different. It’s not your traditional Halloween film, as there are barely any kills till the climax kicks in.

Halloween Ends focuses more on the story than, well… kills. The problem is that fans were conditioned to expect frantic, chaotic horror films featuring the genre’s boogeyman. When you take the scope of Halloween Ends out, it’s far from the worse entry in the series. In fact, it would’ve been great if that version of the series was given its own two/three film treatment. A character-driven piece that explores morality in heroes when it comes to good and evil is a solid concept.

But Halloween Ends meanders on its own as well. Strode is given an unnecessary plot line since her purpose for murdering Michael is no longer the driving force. This film will go down as one of the most bewildering entries in the Halloween canon.

Why Change The Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers Angle

Halloween Ends Movie

These are two icons in the world of horror. Halloween and Halloween Kills built up Michael as this supernatural being. Ends could’ve really had fun with this aspect. There was no limit to how far the filmmaker could’ve gone in the battle of Laurie vs. Michael Myers. Granted, it could grow very tiring to have the entire film see Laurie throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Michael, but that’s pretty much what the first two movies were building up to.

Fans were heavily invested in the rivalry of Laurie vs. Michael. In fact, that was one of the biggest missteps of Halloween Kills. Laurie Strode was out of commission for the entirety of the film. Since it was obvious that Micheal could only die at the hands of Laurie, everything else beforehand felt meaningless. Laurie does get her victory in the end, but not a satisfying one. That story isn’t centered around their feud, so the climax feels uninspired. Halloween Ends was a missed opportunity on several fronts. It’s not a bad film, just one that came in at the wrong time.

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