Hackers Threaten to Release Game of Thrones Season Finale

Hackers Threaten to Release Game of Thrones Season Finale

The hackers threatening to release the HBO finale of Game of Thrones are missing one important thing that they don’t seem to realize. They have no real leverage.

It’s true that HBO doesn’t want to alter their timeline to accommodate the desires of the fans to see everything right now. This makes for more money, more opportunities to get the fans hyped up and overall, more money. They know very well that fans will be disappointed to learn that the next and final season won’t be coming out until late 2018 or even early 2019. But guess what? It’s not as big of a deal as people might think.

Game of Thrones fans are so diehard and dedicated to the show that threatening to release the finale early is like someone telling a person about their surprise party a day ahead of time. It might ruin the surprise and the effort taken to get everything in place, but guaranteed that party will still happen. It will still be enough of a surprise to be interesting and the event will still be spectacular. Sorry hackers, but you’re really demanding money for nothing.

Plus, how gutless and lazy do you have to be to think that anyone’s going to show that much concern over showing a TV show earlier than was planned? The show has gained so much notoriety and been a literal cash cow for HBO since its inception and more than that, some fans watch these episodes over, and over, and over again trying to see every little detail that the creators decided to pack into the show. So really, why in the world would anyone pay the hackers of a TV show to avoid throwing fans into a fervor that would still generate more money?

There’s the belief of course that showing the GoT finale early would lose an insane amount of money because of the time slot it’s in and the fact that everything so far has been working just as it should. But once again, GoT fans, true fans, are bound to either ignore the hackers’ attempts much as it seems like HBO is doing, or they’ll watch it early and then watch it again and again. There’s really no solid ground for the hackers to stand on, and no reason to pay them.

Also, if all you have to do in life is threaten to show a finale earlier than expected, it must be a sad life indeed. There is a balance to all things and hackers are in fact another part of that balance. They’re the ones that tend to think they’re doing more good than harm when in truth they are doing harm to do the good they claim is for the public. To save us from greedy corporations that want little more than to line their pockets. They’ll bend and break the rules as they want to keep the rest of us from slipping into total anarchy. But wait, isn’t that a part of what hacking is? Isn’t hacking really a threat to end a threat? A continuation of the cycle so to speak? They might be necessary in some regards, but in this matter the HBO hackers are a bit pathetic and less than effective.

In this particular game, hackers, you’ve already lost.


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