The Game of Thrones Animated History Special Is Worth a Peek

It’s always interesting to see a little further into the world of Game of Thrones largely because it is such a rich world that has yet to reveal every little detail. Such a this video in which the fate of old Valyria is decided by the forces of nature. At one time it was the most advanced and powerful nation in history, with the power of dragons to back up every claim to greatness they made. Yet it was not to last.

The entire empire was devastated by the doom of mountains cracking open and disgorging enough ruin and destruction that not even dragons could withstand. What had taken centuries and millennia to build and establish was swept away in hours. The old Valyrians once believed that their empire would last forever, and that anything they did not yet know about was not worth knowing. All too soon they joined those unseen vistas in shared obscurity.

But not all of Valyria was lost in that fateful cataclysm. House Targaryen had taken their leave of Valyria well before the shaking of the earth caused the downfall of the empire. The rumors and gossip of why they left remained largely unknown, but upon sailing across the sea they found the hunk of stone that would eventually become their new seat of power, Dragonstone. Once there they quickly tamed the land and made it their own, creating a solid fortress that could withstand nearly anything. But the head of House Targaryen was not satisfied with this backwater post and decided to travel west. To the east lay nothing but history and the pain of a lost home. To the west however lay something that could possibly be promising, and might hold the future for House Targaryen.

What they found instead of the future was a country split into many pieces by seven squabbling houses, some richer than others, some a little poorer. What was so vastly interesting about the land called Westeros at that time was that they all believed that they knew what power truly was. They argued, they fought, and they beat and scratched at each other like children. It was a rather pitiful sight to those that had come from such greatness to witness.

Upon returning to Dragonstone a great map of Westeros was created from a massive slab of stone. The details of the map were made in the image of Westeros, with every mountain, gully, creek and river engraved in great detail so as to be as accurate as possible. It was by this measure that the Targaryen’s began to understand and better anticipate the seven houses that existed in Westeros, and to plan how to show them all what true power really was.

This makes me wonder if a prequel might be in the works. That would make a lot of GoT fans immeasurably happy as it would continue the saga and give a better explanation as to how certain houses no longer appear in the story.

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