This Guy Will Always Be Immortalized as Tom Cruise in Thailand

I have no idea who either of these guys are but the one on the right has my utmost respect.  For the rest of his life people will say, “Remember that time someone pretended to be Tom Cruise in a small chicken shop in North Eastern Thailand and is remembered there forever?”  I mean seriously.  I have goals in my life but I’m pretty sure if I were remembered as Tom Cruise holding a piece of meat like that my life goals would easily be complete.

The next time I go on a trip I’m really hoping a local poultry owner thinks I’m Noah Wyle and asks to take a picture with me.  Just in case you guys don’t know what I look like, I hear Noah Wyle the most.  You can make that call on your own by scrolling down and seeing my picture.

I think there’s something infinitely more valuable in being known as Noah Wyle in the poultry world than Tom Cruise.  It’s just a hunch but that’s how I feel.  What would truly be awesome is if the real Tom Cruise got a hold of this picture, found out who his imposter is, and took this exact same picture only with him on the left holding chicken, the store own in the middle, and this guy on the right all holding chicken.   That would be the dream wouldn’t it?

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