Guy Fieri Raises $21.5 Million For Restaurant Workers

Here is what’s really funny about anyone that decides to trash Guy Fieri simply because they don’t like him and want to come up with an entire list of things that might bug them about the guy. For one, he’s a celebrity, so the possibility that he’s going to be a bit arrogant and egotistical is a possibility that people are going to have to accept. It’s something that kind of comes with the territory unfortunately since even if a celebrity is humble and soft-spoken the media and fans are going to keep digging until they find SOMETHING, no matter how dirty they have to get in finding it. Of course, Fieri isn’t his real name, and of course, he’s probably a bit loud and wears odd clothing. But so what? One thing that makes him one of the best people in the nation at this point is able to debunk one of the things that people have said about him, that he shouldn’t represent middle America. It’s the fact that he CAN and DOES represent middle America since he’s contributed well over $21 million dollars to restaurant workers this year alone. Some true cynics might want to say that he’s clearing way more than that and so it’s just a drop in the bucket, but so be it. The fact is that as a celebrity he could have sent his ‘hopes and prayers’ and made donations like several others, but this guy has been helping to keep mom and pop shops all over the country running. Even if it’s a PR deal, IT MATTERS. Too many cynics in this business want to go on smearing a person’s good name by saying what they don’t like about him and picking out character flaws that are bound to happen with many celebrities, but focusing on this one HUGE positive is a better use of our time as of now.

2020 has beaten the living hell out of a lot of businesses and people alike and any help at this point is to be accepted and not questioned as to who’s giving it. Roman Polanski could be contributing to the general well-being of Americans and no matter the fact that he ran like a scalded dog for good reason after a rape charge, the money would be appreciated while the man would continue to be reviled. The point is the help, not the person that’s giving it. Is this forgiving Fieri for anything he’s been accused of? Absolutely not, but if this is a PR stunt then it’s one that’s bound to work on a lot of people, while others might just see it for what it is, a chance to do the right thing by a guy that is genuinely helping with an issue that the government has been deliberating and bickering about for far too long. Added onto that the fact that prominent politicians have been caught breaking their own rules when it comes to dining practices and one might think that it’s a good thing that Guy’s been fighting for restaurant workers, who are seen as essential in some ways but are otherwise out of luck if they try to make a living in the wrong state. All this fuss about Guy Fieri and he’s been standing firmly by the people by helping them out like this, keeping restaurants going, making certain that the backbone of small towns can continue to run. It’s not a perfect fix by any means since for that to happen certain folks are going to have to untuck their heads and actually look at the issue rather than wondering what they can do to further their own agendas. Guy is right there, and like him or not, he’s in the thick of it and he’s helping, a word that the government might need to have redefined.

It might also be smart to give the government a reminder that the owners of said restaurants and diners, the American taxpayers, who are essential to many towns and cities since eateries are a big part of our culture, ELECTED those that are making these ridiculous rules. In a sense, the government that is supposed to be working for the people since they were elected BY the people has kind of forgotten that they work FOR the people. Guy hasn’t forgotten apparently, as he’s giving back to those that help to keep the nation running, among so many others, and are doing what they can to help their own communities while keeping the doors open as much as they possibly can. You can dislike him as much as you want and say anything that’s possibly true about Guy, but the fact is that he’s doing something to help, and at this time that’s a lot more than many others have been doing.

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