Grey’s Anatomy Brings Back All The Feels With Musical Throwbacks

Grey’s Anatomy aired their 300th episode last night and took the audience on a trip down memory lane. From character look-alikes, mentions of beloved characters, to Ellis Grey’s ghost beaming down with pride as her daughter won the Harper Avery, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Along with references and notions to characters lost and pretty much writing a love letter to the original cast, the music through out the episode was filled with old favorites.

Young Folks – Originally aired during 3×06 kicked off the score of the episode instantly giving you feels of the original five as their dopplegangers showed up.

Cosy in the Rocket – the original theme song and title card played after the opening tease. Bringing back memories of a simpler time before all the deaths and tragedy. Back when the biggest deal was Addison dropping in and putting a damper on MerDer.

They – This song played during the pilot, when the original five were the babies and finding their way around. Now they’re the ones calling the shots as a new class of interns joins in.

Keep Breathing – Remember when Burke left Cristina before their wedding, yeah we do too. This song always brings back memories of Mere cutting Cristina out of her dress. This song played during the round robin of surgeries happening including the one with Meredith operating on Baby Yang (Cristina look-alike).

Portions of Foxes – Another song from the pilot, the first one played on the show after Meredith wakes up to find a naked Derek and they have their awkward introductions. Before she runs into him again on her first day at Seattle Grace.

300 episodes is a huge milestone. How many more are in store for this show that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon? Nobody knows. Congrats Grey’s Anatomy and here’s to many more!

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