Grey’s Anatomy 10.11 Review: “Man On The Moon”


This is the Grey’s Anatomy episode of attempted misdirection. You think there’s going to be fight between Jackson and Matt? You’re wrong. You think that Bailey might pull through and prove herself? Nope. You think that Christina and Meredith might actually have a civil conversation? Who am I kidding, I haven’t seen them as friends for weeks.

Alex’s dad, Jimmy (James Remar) is back in the picture, and Jo takes him back on to help him detox. He starts having hallucinations and slams Jo into a wall, leaving Alex to save her. Alex makes it very clear throughout the episode that he’s not worth it. We hear Jimmy having a flash back to Alex’s childhood that shows how emotionally abusive he was as a junkie.

Arizona and Callie, while having their separate story lines, spend the time they are together completely awkward and on edge with each other. After so, so very long, they finally kiss and realize that maybe they need to stop talking for a while. I couldn’t’ agree more.

In Derek and Callie’s brain mapping quest, they are working with a quadriplegic with the brain patch in her brain. While it hasn’t been working for weeks, she finally starts to become up set. Magically, as Grey’s often does, Derek finds inspiration in an everyday thing and gets her to touch her husband with the mechanical hand. Regardless of it being a robot hand, it’s still an incredibly sweet moment.

Bailey, who has the world’s most annoying shrink following her so she can be cleared for surgery, keeps a strong face throughout most of the episode. All she has to do is preform 5 stiches without any signs of OCD. She can’t. She’s still freaking out, and it’s Webber that finally gets to her. I’ve always loved Bailey and Webbers relationship, it’s so strong and supportive. They push each other and have always had such great chemistry on screen as amazing friends. He tells her maybe it’s time for her to accept her disease and work through it. She finally takes her little magic pill like it will fix everything. I’m praying that they do something with the OCD and have some good conversations on screen about psych meds and what not. I’m not a fan of them portraying taking an antipsychotic as a cure-all.

Kepner, who has always rubbed me as a bit of a control freak, spends her line with her crazy sisters who are even more off than Kepner is. They have a breakfast where Jackson shows up, and he and Matt save a guy. You think that they are going to have some sort of fight eventually, but they end up shaking hands and it’s weird and awkward.

The big non-shocker is that Meredith and Christina have yet another fight. They both say some really not so ok thinks to each other, and most of it comes from misunderstanding and miscommunication. It’s not been looking good for these two for a while, and it’s not getting any better anytime soon.

So yeah, attempted shocking twists that weren’t all that shocking, but an enjoyable amount of awkwardness from the characters. What did you guys think? Anything you guys were stunned by?

[Photo via Richard Cartwright/ABC]

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