Grey’s Anatomy 7.22 “Unaccompanied Minor” Review

Wowee! There was a whole lot of everything in last night’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

There wasn’t a huge tragedy which put our favorite surgeons in danger, though there was a major accident (more on the later) but this episode was certainly an emotional rollercoaster if there ever was one.

Hope, sadness, despair, happiness…I think I may have felt almost every emotion. Major developments took place for many of our core characters in last night’s episode so let’s get to them, couple by couple, shall we…

[singlepic id=11377 w=320 h=240 float=right]Meredith & Derek: The episode began with their adoption counselor visiting the site of their future home. Shortly thereafter, the aftermath of Alex’s drunken confession that Meredith messed with the Alzheimer’s trial goes down. With hope that the trial can still remain blind if she withholds the information, Meredith keeps her mouth shut. As the Chief and Derek badger and berate Meredith, Alex writes down what he saw her do. With the information in hand, the Chief figures out what she did was for Adele. Realizing the pressure he put them (Meredith and Derek) under, he takes some responsibility for her actions and only suspends her. For Derek, this isn’t good enough. In his words ‘I don’t know how to raise a child with someone who doesn’t think the world has right or wrong.’As he’s avoiding her calls and sleeping in their not built house, they’ve been granted custody of baby Zola. Meredith ends this season alone in her house with her new baby and Cristina on the couch. I may be optimistic but I think these two will make it through this. They’ve been through far too much to let it permanently tear them apart.

Cristina and Owen: To make a long story short, Cristina is devastated when she finds out she is pregnant. Owen on the other hand is ecstatic and while not telling her what she should do, would like for them to really think about this decision together. Stubborn and headstrong as she always is, Cristina tells him she’s made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. With that, he kicks her out of the house. I can’t say I disagree with him. Though her body will be going through the changes, this decision is theirs to make together not just hers.

[singlepic id=11384 w=320 h=240 float=left]Henry and Teddy: Thank the lord that Henry finally had the cahones to tell Teddy she needs to leave him alone because he’s in love with her. His declaration finally woke her up to the fact that she too is in love with him instead of Mr. Trauma Counselor! High fives all around! I sincerely hope Scott Foley will be back next season!!

Lexie, Jackson & Sloane: After learning of Jackson’s selflessness with the Chief’s study, Sloane lets Jackson know that Lexie is all his. I’m pretty sure they’ve been dating for quite some time but it was a nice gesture, I guess. Lexie walks away from Sloane after telling him ‘if you keep pulling at me I’ll come back to you.’She wants to be happy and right now she is. I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here, but I really love Lexie and Jackson together. Sloan can go find a new love next season.

Lucy & Alex: She asks him to tell her not to go to Africa, he says ‘˜Go to Hell.’The End.

Bailey & Eli: Bailey’s bringing her boy home to meet her son with one of the best lines of the night — ‘I can meet your son, I’m not going to bite your son.’

In a twist regarding the case of the night, a plane crash in the sound, there was only one survivor. An unaccompanied minor named Sarah Gordon. In one of the most poignant and tissue worthy moments of the night for me, some of the victims’families stayed at the hospital to hear her news so she wouldn’t be alone. When her mother came barging in, they supported her. Even though it was fictional, how wonderful was it to see people come together like this? It warmed my heart.

As for who got the Chief Resident position….well that would be April. It would have gone to Karev had he not screwed himself by ratting on Meredith. I personally thought it might go to Avery but I guess Stark’s glowing recommendation of Dr. Kemper pulled a lot of weight with Dr. Hunt.

So now that we’ve recapped and reviewed this emotional season finale, it’s your turn! What did you think about last night’s season 7 finale? Do you think Mer and Der’s relationship is really in trouble? Will Cristina cave and keep the baby? What are your predictions for season 8? We have all summer to discuss so let us know in the comments below!


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