10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gretchen Rossi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gretchen Rossi

It’s so easy to roll your eyes when you hear about another Real Housewives member since a lot of them, no matter how earned their success is, seem to be in the business of creating and thriving off of one bit of drama or another. While a lot of people get into the show for this reason it becomes something to studiously avoid for many others. The idea of taking that much joy in the lives of those that seem to have little if any financial worry and have to fall back on other concerns that many other people deal with in a very casual manner is enough to turn a lot of viewers off, but attract many more. Gretchen Rossi doesn’t seem to be the worst of them, but there have been issues with her and those around her during the course of the show, as is par for the course in a way. If there wasn’t any drama it’s likely that such shows wouldn’t go that far.

Here are a few things about Gretchen you might not have known.

10. Some folks might not agree with her decision on how she shows off her baby bump.

There’s nothing wrong with showing off a baby bump in a bikini while in the comfort or your own home to be honest as Heidi Parker from Daily Mail shows, but climbing a rock when pregnant just to get a nice picture with one’s partner does seem kind of risky. It’s her life and all, but people will always feel the need to voice their opinion.

9. Her net worth is around $3.5 million.

A good chunk of this is from the show since her salary is well over a quarter million per season, but she’s also an entrepreneur and as a result she does end up bumping those numbers up a bit, so it’s fair to say that she’s earning her money as well on her own merit.

8. She’s been accused of being behind on her house payments.

Gretchen has been accused of falling behind well over $20,000 on her house payments, which seems odd considering how much she makes and how easily this should be handled. But she’s also been said to owe thousands in credit card debt. This latter debt was settled though as she had it dismissed in court.

7. Gretchen does have a healthy following on Instagram.

Her followers number in the hundreds of thousands so it’s fair to say that she’s quite popular and has a pretty good number of people that are willing to hear what she has to say. People tend to follow whoever is trending these days it seems, and Gretchen is on that list at the moment.

6. She’s done some modeling in her time.

If you look at her Instagram it’s kind of hard to find any truly candid photos since every day seems to be like a photo shoot for her. But given that she’s been in the public eye for a while it would seem natural to assume that she’s going to always be ready when the cameras are around and won’t be caught off guard that easily.

5. Her loyalty to her fiance, Jeff, was put into question a while back.

Some people questioned her, but his kids thanked her for being around during his battle with leukemia, that he unfortunately lost. What people might have been seeing at that time is hard to gauge, but had she been found to be cheating on him the outcry would have been substantial for a short time at least.

4. She is an educated woman.

She’s definitely not a vapid housewife that has nothing better to do than complain about this or that and spend money on things she believes she needs. Gretchen is a smart woman and has used that knowledge to her advantage throughout her life at this point.

3. Gretchen did go into real estate for a while.

Some people go into real estate and make it a career as they’re very good at it, while others try it out and then move on, deciding perhaps that it’s not quite what they wanted. It is a valuable experience to have however since it can be carried along to use at a later date.

2. It sounds as though she tried to get pregnant for a while before turning to IVF.

Some women simply can’t get pregnant for one reason or another and that news hits some ladies pretty hard. But in vitro fertilization is something that a lot of women have turned to, despite the fact that it’s very costly and not 100% guaranteed to work.

1. Like many women she quickly grew attached to being pregnant.

Apparently her partner found her crying one day and wondered why. Her answer was that she had grown used to feeling her daughter’s kicks and jabs from the inside, and wasn’t quite ready for her to be born. A lot of women experience this, though some are more than ready for their child to be born.

Roll your eyes or shake your head, but as men we won’t ever fully understand women while they’re pregnant.

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