George Costanza Taught Me These Six All Important Life Lessons


I’m well aware (I am aware!) that Seinfeld hasn’t produced a new show in literally nearly 20 years but who cares? It’s still the best sitcom in the history of television.  And as long as reruns are going to be on every single day on TBS, I will be tuning in.  Besides watching one of the best sitcoms ever created every night, one thing that’s good about watching said reruns every night is the fact that we get reminded of some of the things that George Costanza does.  He’s easily one of the best television characters of any generation the guy always deserves his due.   If you’re gonna live life like someone, take it from George and his six life lessons….

6. Lying

If there’s one thing we all know about George Costanza, it’s the fact that he was never afraid to tell a lie.  Remember, “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”   George was the type of guy who didn’t have a whole lot of luck on his side, so when he wanted to get his way, he often lied in order to do it.  Whether it was getting laid, getting a job (though honesty got him the Yankees job), or even stealing, Costanza was a master liar.   One of his best lies ever?  “Vandalay Industries.”

5. Procrastination

On top of all the lying George always did, he was the absolute king of procrastination and laziness, never seemingly doing anything on time–especially the things that people asked him to do Whether it was waiting till the last minute to get his wedding invitations complete–ultimately costing his fiance her life–or putting together a last-minute attempt at a so-called date, George taught us all how to do it.  Perhaps his best procrastinating was creating a bed in his office desk with the Yankees.  Talking about going the distance to NOT do work.

4. What Not to Do While Dating

If you want to keep a girlfriend, do the exact opposite of what George Costanza ever did and you’ll be more than fine.  For example, don’t go into the bathroom and follow your girlfriend if you think she’s puking up her meal.    Don’t refuse to take off a pair of Timberland boots because you are too self-conscious about your height for a girl to see him without them on.  Don’t have sex with the cleaning woman in your office.

3. Fashion Tips

Whether it’s a puffy winter Gortez jacket or wearing shirts because of the mood you’re in, George Costanza was a master fashion buff.   While you’re probably not actually in the market for one of these things, one can’t help but think that Costanza was one of the first guys to try and pull it off–to no avail–and is like every other dude who has tried to wear one since.  Remember in the early days of the show?  He was sporting canvas Nike’s before anyone.  The guy was a machine.   While he wasn’t Mr. GQ by any stretch of the imagination he was the everyday man.  Steeped in velvet.

2. Frugality

Yes, George was cheap as hell, and he wore it so well didn’t he?  In reality he wasn’t exactly a hard-worker,  could never seem to hold down a job–even with the New York Yankees–so when you think about it, he never really had a whole lot of money to spend.   Don’t forget that he lived with his crazy parents in Queens for a long portion of the show, proving just how cheap he really was–whether by choice or force.  George hated spending money, period.  And you should hate it too.

1. He did what he had to do

OK, so George may have had to get some tips along the way from other people, but when all was said and done, he had his ways of being cool.   And in order to do so the man did whatever he had to do to get whatever he needed in life.   The guy sent naked pics to chicks before it was cool.  He wore a suit of velvet.  The guy basked around in his apartment eating blocks of cheese.  He somehow managed to have sex with beautiful women.  And how did he do this?  By doing whatever had to be done.  Showing pictures of fake girlfriends, lying about…anything, pushing old women out of the way during a fire, you name it.  Costanza was dedicated to everything in the silliest and maniacal of ways.

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