General Hospital’s Most Disappointing Exits

General Hospital fans know that you cannot please everyone. We know that there is always something else going on, and there is always a problem to face that we don’t want to face. We know that we have to sit back, relax, and wonder what is going on in the lives of our favorite characters, and we don’t know how else to focus on things like that. But, we do know that there is nothing we hate more than seeing someone die or exit the show in a way that is not good enough for us. We know we are not the writers, and we don’t have any real say in anything that they do around here, but we do occasionally feel that some of the ways they send people out are more than a little bit disappointing. We know that we cannot have everyone happy all at one time, but we do wonder if there is a way we can make exits a little more interesting. Perhaps, of course, we can see this happen in our own time.

Jasper Jax

His disappearance was just sad. He was there, and then he was not. He’s been a main character on the show for so long that we almost feel he is one of the most important people on the show, and yet he was just gone one day. He was there, then he was not there, and then we all had to decide how to focus on that and go about living a life without him. He was there, then he was not there, and then we were all just sad and disappointed that he was gone. We are all glad he didn’t die or anything like that, but we felt that someone with such a presence on the show should go out with more of a bang. Of course, he’s back again with more of a bang than before, so that’s a nice thing. But, we didn’t feel that he was given the chance he needed to get his life together, to focus on things in his control, and to be the man he wanted to be.

Alan Quatermaine

He suffered a heart attack and died even after surgery, and that was horrible. Fans thought it was one of the saddest and most tragic situations around, and we are just sad that he left and died and no one was given much of a chance to see him do anything else in his life. He was a man who was given a chance to survive, but he did not get to see it through. He was there, then he was not there, and then he was gone for good. His heart attack was so final. It’s so hard to come back from a death like that one, which is probably why they were so sad to see him go. This is the kind of death that doesn’t do well in the great scheme of things. He will not come back from this, and that is what upset fans the most. He is a man who could have done a lot more had he a chance to come back, but his death was pretty final. That’s what made it so disappointing.

Kiki Jerome

We are all just sad about this one. Her death is one that really did just make us feel sad, heartbroken, and positively upset about life in general. There is nothing we can do other than focus on the fact that she is someone who didn’t have much more to offer her life other than the fact that she was there and then she was not. She was killed by a horrible man who was there to make their lives miserable, and she was suddenly gone out of nowhere. We don’t get it, we don’t like it, and we don’t know why this happened to her, but we do know that she’s not coming back. She was so good on the show, and it made fans miss her even more to realize that her death was pretty much a final situation that could not be reversed in any manner of speaking. That’s hard on all of us.

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