General Hospital Characters Who Are Having a Worse Year Than You

General Hospital Characters Who Are Having a Worse Year Than You

General Hospital Characters Who Are Having a Worse Year Than You

General Hospital fans are not loving this year so far. It’s been a rough year on the show and in real life. We are all waiting with baited breath to find out when the reruns start on this show after the social distancing laws changed again. We thought we might see filming resume sometime in April, but it turns out that our 15-day social distancing hiatus has been extended another month, and we cannot leave our homes, work, or do anything in groups of 10 or more until at least April 30. That will probably change, too, but the sad news is that this will put the show past its 6 weeks of new episodes. That’s all they have filmed ahead, which means that we might not get to see much new stuff for a while. So, when we consider how bad this year has been just in general, we also have to put into perspective how bad it is for so many in Port Charles. Here’s who might be having an equally bad year.


His life is always a mess. His father is not getting better. His life is a mess because of it. His business is being attacked. His family is being attacked. His kids are being attacked, and his wife is never happy with anyone or anything anymore. There’s so much going on that we cannot figure out and that we do not know, and it’s all a confusing mess for all of us.


He took a baby from Nelle. And while he did it with her permission, he still did it. Then he lied about it. His baby was dead, and he did what he had to do knowing that the baby that he was taking also belonged to Michael. He’s been living with the guilt for a long time, and he’s finally been caught. His life is a wreck, and everyone hates him. It’s not his finest moment. He’s losing it all.


His life was turned upside down when he found out that his baby is not his baby. They adopted little Wiley legally, fought for him when Willow wanted him back, and they did what they had to do to keep this boy. But, that’s not enough. He then found out that his husband knew that their actual baby died, and that their actual baby was traded with Nelle and Michael’s baby, and he’s been raising a baby that is not his own for all this time. His marriage is over. He’s lost his baby. It’s rough stuff for him.


He’s back from his fake dead place, and you might think that’s good enough for him, but it’s not. He’s back, but things are not the same and they are not quite right. He had to marry Ava to make his life’s fortune his own again, and then he found out he has to stay married to her. She’s not exactly his favorite person — or an easy picnic in the park kind of person to be quite honest — and this is a problem from everyone. He’s not living his best life right now.


Of everyone in Port Charles, we feel she might be having the worst year. She got pregnant by a man who ran a cult. A man who terrified her and whom she hated. A man who would hurt her and their baby. She gave that baby up for adoption after running away and hiding her pregnancy, and then she decided she wanted her baby back. She tried so hard to get that baby back through a court battle that did not work for her. But, things didn’t go well. Then, the baby’s father found out because her own mother told. He took her to court and she was ordered to tell them where the baby was. She refused knowing that it would put her jail. She went to jail thinking she was protecting her baby, but only just learned that her own baby died and this is not her son she’s been sacrificing for all this time.

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