General Hospital Story Lines We Didn’t See Coming

General Hospital fans are so shocked by so many things, but some of those things are better than others. We know that there will always be things that don’t go someone’s way. Someone will make a mistake that is not good for someone else, but it’s very good for them. Someone will falsify paperwork and do things that are no good for others. Some will do things that don’t work out for them in any other way. Some people will do things that don’t make much sense, but they do work for all of us in terms of entertainment. And, then there are things that happen that we just did not see coming in any capacity, and those stories leave us truly speechless. We have a few stories that were so shocking to us we did not even see them coming.

Nelle is Nina’s Daughter

We cannot even handle this one, and we are all hoping that this is simply not true. There is no way, right? We are horrified at the thought that this horrible young woman could belong to someone like Nina. She’s awful. She’s hateful. She’s a woman who has so many issues that it’s not even funny. Nina has been looking for her child since she found out one existed, and she’s been heartbroken more than one time based on all that we’ve seen. There was a part of us hoping that it would be Willow with her sweet but very strong demeanor, but it doesn’t seem that will happen. In fact, we’ve bene left with the other half of Nina’s necklace in Nelle’s jewelry box, and now fans think that Nelle might be her daughter. We hate this for Nina, and we cannot help but hope this is all kinds of wrong. We would be shocked if actual confirmation outside of just the possession of this necklace came through. But, stranger things have happened.

Jason’s Death

We thought for sure, for sure, the night that he was killed by Faison in disguise that his body would not turn up because he was alive and well. Jason and Sam had only just reunited with their baby and their happy future was in their own hands, but that was all that we needed to feel good about life. We were all so happy to see them together again, and we thought that it would last. But, he died. We thought we’d wait it out a few weeks and he’d roll into town alive and well and with a plan, but he did not. It went on and on and on until we eventually realized Jason was not coming back. Ever. He was gone. He was dead. He was gone forever, and we had to accept that. For two years, we thought he was gone until we found out that John Doe was Jason. Then, five more years down the road, we found out the real Jason was alive, the twin brainwashing story came to life, and all was well.

Nathan and His Entire Life

His story is almost just a sad one. He had a rough life. He didn’t know much about himself for some time. He didn’t seem to want to share a lot about himself, either. He was married to Maxie, they were happy together, but it also seemed like he was lying to her, because he was. He had a wife before Maxie. Her name was Claudette. He accidentally called her by this name one time, but we didn’t think too much of it for a while until Valentin showed up. He had a Claudette and a baby named Charlotte with him, and that’s when we all thought that there was a good chance that perhaps Nathan also had a baby he failed to share with his wife. That was a rough one, and we all saw it coming. That’s when the real truth came out, and it had nothing to do with the many things that we were sure were going to happen. This was shocking, but it wasn’t what we saw coming. So, sometimes, we don’t see things for the truth until they decide we can see them, and they are not always as they seem.

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