General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Points a Gun on Himself


Sonny is trying to kill himself on General Hospital, and it looks as though he might succeed. As he sits among the people who came to help him bury his youngest son, he makes it a point to get up and point a gun at his own head. He can’t live like this when he’s to blame for his young son’s death. He can’t imagine how his entire life, every decision he’s ever made, has changed the course of the future so badly his own son died. He’s beside himself with grief, and it doesn’t appear anyone can help him get through the feelings he’s having right now. They will try, but everyone is too afraid for their own lives to want to do too much to help him with his own.

Jason, however, is the only person who can save him. He has some news that might change Sonny’s mind and make him realize it’s not his own fault his son is dead. Will he be too late to save him? It seems that someone has an idea that Morgan’s medication was messed with and he ended up dead as a result of that. We all know Ava is to blame for this, but does Jason know who did it? And if he does, will he share that information with Sonny knowing precisely what Sonny will do to anyone who killed his beloved son?

Kiki and Dillon are working together on a friendship as they mourn the loss of Morgan. They seem to have bonded over their loss, and they are both taking things hard. She’s devastated someone she cared so much for is gone, and it appears Dillon feels the same way. Will these two find solace in one another, or will they just bond over a wonderful new friendship? There is nothing to do but wait for time to tell us how these two young people will cope with the tragic loss of their friend. We can only hope Sonny doesn’t make things worse for all involved as he attempts to take his own life out of misplaced guilt for Morgan’s death.

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