General Hospital Spoilers: Patient Six is Changing the Game

General Hospital fans have so many more questions than answers. There is no doubt that the introduction of Patient Six has delighted fans and brought about some seriously amazing ratings for the show in the past week or two, but what is going to happen when he gets back to town? What is going to end up being the situation as they are introduced to the man known as Patient Six? A man we think we know what’s going on with, but we have a feeling we have no real idea.

We can go so many ways, and writers are doing an amazing job of keeping us in the loop with how we know him and what he is doing in town without actually telling us anything that’s worthwhile. We still have no idea. We are certain he is the twin — but which one? Is he the real Jason or is Jason the real Jason? Is one of them good and the other evil?

Were they both brainwashed to the point they don’t know who is who and what is going on? Did Helena have anything to do with this? We don’t know what is going on, but we know that Jason One is coming home and Jason Current is going to be really upset by this. But it’s Sam we are worried about when she sees the face her husband once had before he went missing. We predict ugliness for her marriage in the coming weeks.

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