General Hospital: Jason’s Best Relationships

General Hospital: Jason’s Best Relationships

General Hospital fans were never more excited than when Jason came back from the dead — the first time. His John Doe situation worked for everyone, and no one really even cared that he came back with a brand-new face and some things like that. He was a good guy, and his wife was beyond happy to have him back. Sam was thrilled. Fans were excited, and the new Jason was a good one. But, when he came back as his former self, and it was found out that his twin brother was living his life with no knowledge of the fact that he was not, in fact, the real Jason, fans probably actually cried tears of Joy. Having the original Jason back and in our faces was a beautiful thing, and we want to go over some of the things we love most about him — mostly his love life. He’s someone who makes a great man, and we want to go over our top favorite relationships that he’s been in. We assume you know who comes first on this list.


Obviously, there is not one person who makes a better wife to his husband than Sam. They are the Port Charles couple we all love the most, and they have done a beautiful job of making us fall for them long and hard. They are wonderful together. They are sweet. The complement one another like it’s their job, and they are good to go. But, we also have to focus on the fact that they are something of a lovely situation. They might not be together as we want to see them in the moment, but they are going to get there. Their road has been a very long one and a hard one the past few years, and they are going to make it. They are going to get through this, and we are cheering them on every step of the way.


Here’s where we have to say that we don’t like them together romantically so much as we love their friendship. They would never make it work as a couple, but they are sweet as friends. We like that they always have one another’s back, and they are always there for one another. They are the best of friends, and that is one of those things we do enjoy. You see, we don’t love Jason with anyone but Sam, so we have to go out of our way to find some relationships that make more sense to us. We do need to sit here and focus on things that make the most sense, and this is one of those things. We love that they are friends, and we love when they are together because we know that he is taken care of and so is she. They might not have the romance and the chemistry, but they are sweet and they would never hurt one another no matter how things played out.


This is another one of those things. We don’t love them together nor do we want to see them together — ever again — but we loved them when they were children. They were both innocent and sweet. She is a kind woman with a good heart, and that means she will never hurt him. He’s a kind friend with a big heart, so he will never hurt her. The thing about Jason is that he is a man who will never find another romantic love connection with anyone but Sam, but he will always be the best friend and the man who will be there for his friends and the people who love him the most. He and Robin remained friends after their young love, and it was a sweet way to bring them into adulthood. She went through some hard things, he went through some hard things, and they always found a way to be there for one another, to make it work, and they always found a way to be friends. They are good for one another in a friendship manner, and we love that so much about them. Jason only belongs with Sam, but he has made some lovely friendships along the way.

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