General Hospital Spoilers: Was Michael’s Decision Wise?

General Hospital Spoilers: Was Michael’s Decision Wise?

General Hospital fans watched as Michael decided he had to make a decision, and he’s made it. He decided he could no longer spend any time with Nelle. Their relationship was over long before it really even began, but this was the official end. It turns out that he can’t be with someone who cannot stop lying to him. He might have learned something from the marriage his parents have, and he might not want that. Or perhaps deep down he didn’t want to bother with anyone who his family couldn’t grow to love.

That would make for some awkward family gatherings, right? But regardless, he told her that was it. It was time for him to end things, and that’s what he did. And now it’s time for him to move on and make peace with his decision. It didn’t come easily for him to do this, but he knew it was time and it did have to be done.

Now that she’s officially single again, Nelle is not happy. She begged Michael to make a different decision, but he could not be swayed from his decision. He knows what he wants. He doesn’t know why his girlfriend lied to his mother, but he knew that was the final straw for him. She’s not happy, but she did do this to herself when she decided she wanted to lie to Carly and make Michael’s life that much more aggravating. And now it’s all over for her and the man she loves.

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