General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Needs Help

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Needs Help

General Hospital fans know that Kristina is not happy. She woke up in the house with Jason, and she’s not entirely sure why she got there or how any of this happened. But we all know that this is a mess, and that she has a problem in her life to face. She’s got a lot going on right now, and we think that there is too much we don’t know. She’s a situation right now. She was drugged by whatever it was she drank, and she still wants to go back. Jason is very honest with her and tells her the truth about what happened, but will she try to get free? She’s agitated and upset by all of it, and she is not a happy camper about anything that is going on in her life right now. She’s brainwashed in a way that is amazing to us, and we cannot figure out why she is not working so much harder on any of this.

She is not going to want to stay where she is, but she is going to want to try to get back to where she was going. But there are a lot of angry people over there, and we know that they are not just going to let her back in now that she’s been taken. Even if she did get free and go back to them, there is not a chance they will not kill her thinking that she came up with his plan with her family — and they will never let any of them go. Her choice will then put Sam in danger. More danger than she is already in, of course. This is not something she can handle on her own, and we think she needs to get her situation together.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

This is an accurate depiction of all siblings at some point or another.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Things are not going to go well at the moment, and we know that Michael is in the middle of begging for help. He needs it. He wants it. He cannot get on without it. He needs someone to open up to him, to make things right, and to make this go away. He’s asked Chase and Willow for the kind of help that they can provide, but can he trust that she will help and not put them in more danger? He did not know that his sister was safe when this all happened, but he did know that he was very much out of time and that things were not going to work in his favor in any capacity. We know that things never really work out in that manner, but what will happen next? We are not sure this will go well, at all, but we do know that we have some options.

For one, we can figure things out that Willow has been keeping some secrets. She might be out of that mix now, but she’s not being honest with these men about something, and we wonder if that is about to come out and if that is about to be something that she has to face. She’s a mess, and she has to figure things out in her own mind. She has to figure out that she cannot sit back and allow this to happen without being there for those who are with her. She’s got too much on her mind, and she can help if she really wants to help. But, will she help?

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