General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie is Not Okay

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie is Not Okay

General Hospital fans watched Joss reach out to her mother, and it was about time. Even if it might not have been the conversation we all thought might happen, we still think that this is the starting point of things maybe turning around for the two of them. We also know that Jax is coming back to town soon, and we do wonder if he is here to make things right with his daughter? She might have some troubles to deal with in her own life, but he might not approve of her choices or the fact that she’s so cavalier about mistreating her mother at this point in time. He might be back to set things straight, and we might be surprised to find out who called him, why, and how this will all play out. Will it be Sonny who calls him and makes him come back to fix his family? Or will it be Carly or Joss herself?

Kristina’s big new mistake is going to cost her, but probably not nearly as much as it is going to cost her mother and her sister and her father. She’s in a bad place in every manner of speaking, and Sam cannot save her without more information. She needs to move, and she needs to do it quickly, but she has to be just right when she does or she risks undoing all she’s managed to do so far in supporting her sister and acting as if this is not a big deal and that the DoD situation is not bad. She’s living her life pretending that she does support her sister and not the rest of her family, and things are getting questionable and ugly in her mindset. Will this ever end, and will she do more damage first?

What’s Happening on General Hospital

This seems like something amazing might be happening soon!

What’s Next on General Hospital

Maxie has some serious issues in her life, but that is nothing new. Today will bring her some confusion and some big problems, and she’s not going to figure out how to handle them in a manner that seems well to us. She might struggle, and we don’t know how to focus on that and how to make that stop. She doesn’t know what she wants in any area, and we aren’t sure that’s a good thing for anyone in her life. She’s leaving people in the dark, she’s putting people in a bad situation, and she’s not making much sense in her own life. But, will that change at some point, or is this simply her new reality?

Meanwhile, we can expect that Anna will offer Peter some advice. Will this advice pertain to himself and his feelings for Maxie, or the way she feels about him in return? Or will it have to do with something else entirely? We don’t know, but we do know that it might be a sweet moment between the two of them as she takes on a role she’s yet to take on with him. But, we don’t know. Its’ confusing to us, and we know it’s confusing to them. Willow is also on notice. She’s going to receive an ultimatum, and we suspect that she will not handle it well at all. We aren’t sure she will like where it’s going and what it means, but it’s what she’s getting and how she has to focus on her life from now on.

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